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Cal Newport is an American non-fiction author writing on such topics as productivity, focus, and the cognitive effects of social media.

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Sam Harris & Cal Newport 28 Nov 2022 • EN

#304 — Why I Left Twitter

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Along with the many useful and constructive benefits of technology, we need to be mindful of the vices that come with it. Having access to a cyber-universe at our fingertips can be severely detrimental to our focus, squashing our productivity into a shadow of what it once was. The result? A weakened sense of well-being

In the age of computers, our communication channel is almost always open to anyone who wants to reach us. For knowledge workers, this means their inbox becomes inundated with emails, leaving them mentally tired and unable to work efficiently. Cal Newport, author of Deep Work and Don't Follow Your Passion, has written a

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Alison Stewart & Cal Newport 02 Aug 2022 • EN

The Current State of Social Media

Once there was a time when Facebook and Instagram seemed to be the dominant social media platforms. Now the field is much more crowded, and those platforms are competing with newer apps like TikTok, Discord, and most recently, BeReal. Where do things stand now, and how are companies like Meta attempting to compete? Cal

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#63: New York Times bestselling author and professor, Cal Newport, joins Chris to discuss building a living what he calls a “deep life.” We also delve into strategies that increase efficiency and quality of output, why constant email and messages are making you less productive (and what to do about it) and how to imple

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Cal Newport and Tim Ferriss Revisit The 4-Hour Workweek (Plus: The Allure and The Void of Remote Work, Unsustainable Behaviors, Burning Out, The Cult of Productivity, and More) | Brought to you by LinkedIn Jobs recruitment platform with 770M+ users, Vuori comfortable and durable performance apparel, and Athletic Greens

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