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Cal Newport is an American non-fiction author writing on such topics as productivity, focus, and the cognitive effects of social media.

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Mike Matthews & Cal Newport 12 Jun 2024 • EN

Cal Newport on the Future of AI and Knowledge Work

Is artificial intelligence a quantum leap forward for humanity? The key to world peace, the cure for disease and aging, and the springboard to the abundant, leisure-filled future depicted in science fiction novels? Or is it the death knell for humanity as they know it? Or something in between? In this episode, I talk w

85 min
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Rates of burnout are higher than ever before, and continue to head in the wrong direction. We have more inputs in a week than many people had in a lifetime 100 years ago. We have prehistoric brains in a futuristic world. So what's the answer? Professor Cal Newport argues that we need to embrace slow productivity. Inste

105 min
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Ali Abdaal & Cal Newport 06 Jun 2024 • EN

Cal Newport: The Secrets of Slow Productivity

Get all 20 lessons I learned in my 20s here ✍️ If you want to start or grow a channel, check out my Part-Time YouTuber Academy here 👉 I’ve built a brand new community for like-minded people called Productivity Lab. We’ll have online classes, workshops, and coaching to help you double your

63 min
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Andy J. Pizza & Cal Newport 05 Jun 2024 • EN

456 - How to Quit Hustling AND Be More Productive with Cal Newport

This episode is for you if: Hustle culture and social media are destroying your creativity You’ve lost hope of ever being able to do enough You intuitively know the pace of the world and industry isn’t conducive to creative productivity but need language to understand why You need a map to more satisfying work life bal

44 min
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This week, Helen talks to productivity expert Cal Newport about the way many of us are working and why it's so counter to long-term career success. Cal talks through the principles of slow productivity from his latest book and together with Helen they discuss small actions that everyone can take to increase their impac

45 min
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Liz Moody & Cal Newport 22 May 2024 • EN

How To Work LESS AND Get MORE Done

Author and Professor Cal Newport discusses the problems with modern approaches to productivity, the additional burdens it produces for workers, and his tested solutions to give yourself more time back. Why pseudo productivity is wreaking havoc on our work lives  How to tell if you’re being pseudo productive versus ACTU

86 min
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