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Miles Tidal is co-host of Static Radio at a weekly improvised comedy and storytelling site established in 1999.

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Bob LeMent + Miles Tidal & Michael Gardner 13 Dec 2022 • EN


Miles teaches us some new slang, while Bob tries to conduct an interview with Michael Gardner from Savaged Unfiltered. Call us 314-827-6399 Click the button below to go to a random post from Static Radio Listen to Michael on Savaged Unfiltered here: Don’t Forget to Subscribe to the s

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Annette Smith & Bob LeMent + Miles Tidal 05 Sep 2022 • EN

High School Crushes and Music Legends: A Session with Static Radio

Bob was surprised I listened to their Podcast., :)  And Miles said it was the worst blind date he"s ever been on, having started with calling me, Jennifer.   What will he call me next?  MY SHARONA?  And who the fuck IS Jennifer?? Twenty-two years together on College radio years ago.  Then one day Bob decided to start a

60 min
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Bob LeMent & Miles Tidal 09 Jan 2022 • EN

PriorCaster - Miles Tidal

Founder and CoHost of Miles Tidal Miles Tidal is a reluctant internet radio pioneer.  He joined his co-host Bob LeMent on their internet radio ride, with little to no technical knowledge.  He just thought it would be fun. He dabbled in Read More The post Miles Tidal first appeared on PriorCaster.

54 min
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