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Annette Smith & Carmen Lynch 18 Mar 2024 • EN

"Mixtape Memories: Comedy, Crushes,and Carmen Lynch

Picture yourself rummaging through old mixtapes and stumbling upon the soundtrack of your youth. That"s where we kick things off with Carmen Lynch, a strikingly hilarious New York City comedian who joins me to reminisce about the power of music and its uncanny ability to teleport us back to the days of high school danc

66 min
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Annette Smith & Miles Tidal + Bob LeMent 05 Sep 2022 • EN

High School Crushes and Music Legends: A Session with Static Radio

Bob was surprised I listened to their Podcast., :)  And Miles said it was the worst blind date he"s ever been on, having started with calling me, Jennifer.   What will he call me next?  MY SHARONA?  And who the fuck IS Jennifer?? Twenty-two years together on College radio years ago.  Then one day Bob decided to start a

60 min
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Ever wished you could crank up life"s volume? Join us on an inspiring journey with Mike Montague a freelance entertainer who does just that. Known for his eclectic taste in music, encompassing everything from college rock to 80s hits, Mike doesn"t just live life at full volume, he cranks it up to eleven! Be prepared fo

50 min
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