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Pierre & Derek DeWitt 04 Apr 2023 • EN

More about Conspiracies

Let"s dive deeper down the rabbit hole of conspiracies and the mental factors that make us vulnerable to misinformation. This episode is part two of a conversation I had with Derek DeWitt, the creator of Conspiracy Clearinghouse.  In this episode we continue to speak about how we can be so easily mislead by deceptive o

48 min
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Pierre & Derek DeWitt 09 Feb 2023 • EN

Understanding Conspiracies

What social and psychological factors make us vulnerable to conspiratorial narratives? In this episode, I team up with Derek DeWitt of Conspiracy Clearinghouse in hopes to answer these questions. We dive into the hidden psychological nature of human beings in an attempt to explain how some of us become victims of misin

46 min
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Derek DeWitt & Bob LeMent 23 Nov 2022 • EN

Everywhere Is Haunted w/Bob LeMent

EPISODE 72 | Everywhere Is Haunted Guest: Bob LeMent, creator and host of the Static Radio podcast and Everywhere Is Haunted YouTube channel The unseen world is intriguing to many of us, especially those of us embroiled in pop culture. Plenty of people believe in ghosts, spirits, shades, spectres, shadows, phantoms, ei

45 min
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Derek DeWitt & Melissa Joulwan + David Humphreys 10 Feb 2022 • EN

LIT - Prague Books

LIT - Prague Books Guests: David Humphreys & Melissa Joulwan, Strong Sense of Place podcast Prague inspires people, and some of those people write books set there. We take a look at some books about the City of 100 Spires as well as some Prague lore with David Humphreys & Melissa Joulwan, who run the Strong Sense of Pl

28 min
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Derek DeWitt & Melissa Joulwan + David Humphreys 27 Jan 2022 • EN

FOLKS - Strong Sense of Place

FOLKS - Strong Sense of Place Guests: Melissa Joulwan & David Humphreys, Strong Sense of Place podcast Books can entertain, inform and even make you want to travel. My guests today run the Strong Sense of Place podcast out of their flat here in Prague which combines the best of reading and travel in one jam-packed webs

43 min
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Derek DeWitt & Scott Shay 13 Oct 2021 • EN

Conspiracy U with Scott Shay

EPISODE 43 | Conspiracy U with Scott Shay Guest: Scott Shay, author of Conspiracy U, In Good Faith & Getting Our Groove Back; President of Chai Mitzvah, Chairman of the Board & Co-founder of Signature Bank The academic world is supposed to be a place to open and expand minds, but some professors actively promote conspi

40 min
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