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Mark Fonseca Rendeiro & Christopher Lydon 03 Dec 2021 • EN

Christopher Lydon: The State of the World 2021

Once a year I have the great pleasure of spending a few days in Boston with my dear friend and audio legend Christopher Lydon. We listen to Duke Ellington, pour over audio for his next program, and find time to turn on the microphone and have our “state of the world” conversation. Having missed our standing appointment

38 min
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Mark Fonseca Rendeiro & Shafiur Rahman 07 Dec 2020 • EN

Shafiur Rahman: Rohingya Refugees in Covid Times

Over the past 4 years documentary film maker Shafiur Rahman has been regularly back and forth from his home in the UK to the Rohingya Refugee camps in Bangladesh. Until the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Now 10 months into this global crisis on top of an already nightmarish situation for millions of Rohingya people, Shafiur

42 min
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Mark Fonseca Rendeiro & Frank Edward Nora 21 Oct 2013 • EN

Frank Edward Nora: The Audio Curator

Frank Edward Nora believes, as that now cliché Chinese proverb says, we actually do live in very interesting times. Part of his love and dedication to creating original audio content and preserving bits of audio from the past is because of his interest in what will be available for future generations. For over ten year

60 min
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Mark Fonseca Rendeiro & Lizz Winstead 23 Mar 2013 • EN

Lizz Winstead: Political Windsurfing While Droning Your Neighbor

You can't windsurf, because that would be elitist. But, if you're the American president, you can drive around your ranch in a golf cart shooting guns, because people can relate to that.  As comedian and writer Lizz Winstead explains it, sometimes there is no debate possible if we don't agree on fundamental and proven

1 min
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