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Nick Gillespie & Jon Ronson 24 Jan 2024 • EN

Jon Ronson: Why We Went So Crazy During COVID Lockdownsronson

The Things Fell Apart host explains how a 1988 quack medical concept inspired George Floyd's death in 2020 and how Plandemic rewrote Star Wars.

67 min
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Nick Gillespie & Lyn Alden 03 Nov 2023 • EN

Lyn Alden: Our Money Is BrokenLyn Alden

"At its core, money is a ledger," writes the investment analyst in her new book, Broken Money.

80 min
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Nick Gillespie & Rikki Schlott + Greg Lukianoff 25 Oct 2023 • EN

Greg Lukianoff and Rikki Schlott: The Canceling of the American MindLukianoff_Schlott

“We've taught young people that any of their missteps or any of their heterodox opinions are grounds to tear them down. That's no way to grow up.”

77 min
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Nick Gillespie & Shane Mauss 18 Oct 2023 • EN

Shane Mauss: Finding the Humor in Psychedelicsshane-mauss

The psychedelic comedian talks cognitive liberty and the mind-blowing pace of legalization efforts.

33 min
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Nick Gillespie & Aella 06 Oct 2023 • EN

Aella: Is Porn Too Pervasive?aella

The former OnlyFans star and outspoken libertarian defender of sex workers considers the acceleration of government crackdowns on online porn, the sexual revolution, and sex work.

85 min
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Nick Gillespie & Yascha Mounk 05 Oct 2023 • EN

Yascha Mounk: Avoiding The Identity TrapYascha

How to battle identity politics and defend liberal values of universalism, free speech, and open inquiry

63 min
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