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Joe Rogan & Debra Soh 03 Jan 2024 • EN

#2082 - Dr. Debra Soh

Dr. Debra Soh is a sex neuroscientist, journalist, and author of “The End of Gender: Debunking the Myths about Sex and Identity in Our Society.”

124 min
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This week, Michael Shermer (Publisher, Skeptic Magazine) returns to the podcast to talk with our host about his new book, "Conspiracy," why censorship is never the solution, how to have civil conversations people with whom we disagree (it is possible!), and how Michael maintains his joyful disposition. // Get "The End

27 min
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This week, our host talks to Dr. Joseph Ladapo about pandemic policies, gender craziness, joining Gov. Ron DeSantis' office, his cancellation from academia, his new book "Transcend Fear," and his powerful story of overcoming childhood sexual abuse, shame, and self-doubt. // Get "The End of Gender" at (FR

29 min
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Hooray! This week, our host is joined by one of her heroes, Dr. Drew Pinsky, to discuss what has led some physicians to support anti-scientific policies regarding the opioid crisis, Covid-19, and now gender, and how scapegoating and Cluster B personality disorders play a role. // Get "The End of Gender" at DrDebraSoh.c

54 min
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Debra Soh & Seth Dillon 26 Apr 2022 • EN

42. Seth Dillon - The Babylon Bee Knows What a Woman Is

Dr. Debra Soh talks to Seth Dillon (CEO and Owner, The Babylon Bee) about ridiculing hypocrisy and why he’s encouraged by social media backlash. Get “The End of Gender” at and @DrDebraSoh Patreon:  Find Seth @sethdillon and  © 2022 Dr. Debra Soh

41 min
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A spicy episode for you this week! Dr. Debra Soh and political YouTuber Vaush debate women’s sports and prisons, Libs of TikTok, childhood transition, detransition, rapid-onset gender dysphoria, the gender spectrum, nonbinary genders, Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill, sex education, teachers keeping secrets

107 min
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