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An appeals court ruled that a group of doctors could continue their lawsuit against the FDA over allegations that the agency “overstepped” when it campaigned against alternative COVID-19 treatments. According to the AP, “the ruling said the campaign — which at times featured the slogan “You are not a horse!” — too ofte

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Aga Wilson discusses new details from the journal Science that appears to link neuropathy and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) to mRNA shots and SARS-CoV-2 infections. Ed Dowd returns with updates on the Maui Hawaii wildfires and “smoking gun” actuarial data on COVID-19. “We’ve been screaming from the t

Naomi Wolf continues to raise alarms about the Chinese Communist Party’s agenda for world supremacy and its coverup of the COVID-19 pandemic’s origin. Brandon Weichert – author of “Biohacked: China’s Race To Control Life” – joins Wolf to reveal China’s plan for domination by 2049, including decades-long research into b

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Attorney Tom Renz returns with Dr. Kelly Victory to discuss his billion-dollar pandemic cover-up lawsuit and evidence that he’s uncovered after 3 years of research into the origin of COVID-19. “How many would have been saved if what was known about SARS-COV2 was truly and accurately reported from the beginning?” says R

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Whitney Cummings & Drew Pinsky 23 Aug 2023 • EN

Dr. Drew

🩺 - Dr. Drew Pinsky - Whitney and Dr. Drew talk about fetishes, pregnancy sex, RFK, and a bunch of other stuff that will get us kicked off YouTube.  Thank you to our sponsors! This episode is brought to you by Betterhelp Betterhelp https://www.betterhelp.com/whitney Fun Love https://www.funlove.com Code WHITNEY **disc

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YouTube and Big Tech platforms continue to suppress experts and physicians who dissent from the CDC’s pandemic narrative, punishing channels under the guise of a “medical misinformation” policy. In response, 2024 Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. filed a lawsuit against Google, demanding “a judicial declarat

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