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Matt Lewis is a Senior Columnist at The Daily Beast, and the author of Too Dumb to Fail. On this podcast, Matt and his guests engage in thoughtful, long-form discussions about politics, culture, history, public policy, and the news—all in a civil and respectful manner.


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16 Apr 2024 • EN

Our Final Podcast?

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The Bulwark’s Will Saletan returns to discuss how Donald Trump has redefined the term “conservative,” as it pertains to foreign policy (hawks vs. doves), abortion, and more. Support “Matt Lewis & The News” at Patreon: Follow Matt Lewis & Cut Through the Noise: Facebook: https://www.fac

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Matt Lewis & Tom Nichols 06 Apr 2024 • EN

Important Message! and Tom Nichols Q&A

*** Starting soon, this podcast feed will no longer work. Please download my new podcast, “Matt Lewis Can’t Lose” on Spotify or iTunes. Tom Nichols, staff writer for The Atlantic, returns to the show for Part 2 of last week’s discussion. This time around, Tom answers numerous questions, including whether Donald Trump w

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12 Mar 2024 • EN

That Nancy Mace Interview

On a short, solo episode, Matt analyzes Rep. Nancy Mace's controversial interview with George Stephanopoulos and then discusses Joe Biden's new TV ad.

13 min
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Are Nikki Haley's voters up for grabs? The Bulwark's Will Saletan joins Matt to discuss Nikki Haleys not-so-super Tuesday, and whether her GOP primary voters will stay home and sink Donald Trump's chances in November.

30 min
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06 Mar 2024 • EN

White Rural Rage

Matt welcomes Tom Schaller and Paul Wildman, the co-authors behind the controversial new book, White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy. They discuss the backlash the book has spawned, and delve into some deeper questions that rarely get asked.

47 min
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