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 What happens when the government doesn't know something? Is it a cover up? Or just more conspiracy fodder? From one conspiracy to another - our friend Garrett Graff joins the show to talk about his new book UFO - and answers some pretty shocking questions. Why there's a direct line between UFO conspiracies and January

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Friend and Lincoln Project colleague Stuart Stevens joins the pod to talk about his new book: "The Conspiracy to End America." There are five elements at work when democracy slides into autocracy - and Stuart takes an eye-opening look at how all five are working in concert with today's MAGA GOP. What do he and Joe thin

Matt Lewis & Joe Trippi 29 Sep 2023 • EN

Orioles Magic with Joe Trippi and Chris Meekins

Baltimore Orioles fans Joe Trippi (D) and Chris Meekins (R) join Matt to discuss the O's clinching the American League East title! They also talk about the looming government shutdown and the tied presidential race.

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Joe is joined by Reed Galen, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, to talk all things Trump indictments and what to expect. Hint: We've still gotta beat him at the ballot box. And if you didn't think it was a vast criminal conspiracy before... of course there's video. And we check in on Ron DeSantis' latest faceplants. On

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Joe Trippi & Reed Galen 10 Feb 2023 • EN

"Who is it you think you're fooling?" with Reed Galen

Special guest Reed Galen joins Joe and Alex for a special guest episode looking deep inside the chaos going on in the GOP right now. What all the challengers to Trump are getting wrong in 2024 -- and why running for President is way, way harder than anyone realizes. Why is it such a slog, even if you're the favorite? A

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Bill Kristol & Joe Trippi 13 Jul 2022 • EN

Joe Trippi: The Democrats and the 2022 Midterms

In the spring of 2019, when most analysts thought Joe Biden had little chance of winning the party’s nomination, Democratic strategist Joe Trippi predicted that Biden would be the nominee. Now, as analysts predict a Republican wave election in the midterms, Trippi again challenges the conventional wisdom by arguing tha

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