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Lawrence Krauss & Charles Murray 01 Jul 2022 • EN

Charles Murray: On Human Diversity

After writing the book, The Bell Curve, Charles Murray became a controversial figure in the US Social Science scene, and was much maligned in the public arena. His work has been misinterpreted as being racist and sexist, and at Middlebury College students forcibly stopped his guest lecture and rioted. As often the case

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Topics covered include the deontological defence of truth, Thomas Sowell, the honey badger mindset, nature versus nurture issue, racial differences in cognitive abilities and criminality, sex differences, forbidden knowledge, academia, interdisciplinarity, academic specialization, consilience, the social sciences versu

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Brian Thomas & Charles Murray 08 Jul 2021 • EN

Charles Murray - BOOK - Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race in America


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Bill Walton & Charles Murray 06 Jul 2021 • EN

Talking with Charles Murray

Identity politics, and charges of systematic racism and white privilege, pose an existential threat to the American experiment and risk tearing our country apart. In this episode, I talk with Charles Murray - one of America’s greatest social scientists - who has now weighed in on this crisis with his latest book: “Faci

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Andrew Sullivan & Charles Murray 28 May 2021 • EN

Charles Murray On Human Diversity

Charles has a new — and probably explosive — book coming out soon, Facing Reality. This conversation is not about that. Instead, I wanted to discuss his last book which received almost no attention, Human Diversity. You can listen to the episode right away in the audio player above (or click the dropdown menu to add th

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