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Dan Crenshaw & Greg Lukianoff 07 Jun 2024 • EN

Canceling the American Mind | Greg Lukianoff

The Coddling of the American Mind co-author Greg Lukianoff joins Rep. Crenshaw for a fun, wide-ranging conversation about cancel culture, the limits of free speech, and social psychology. Do some people deserve to be canceled? Should children be banned from using social media?  When do political protestors cross the li

82 min
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Dan Crenshaw 15 Mar 2024 • EN

Rep. Dan Crenshaw on TikTok bill, GOP infighting

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16 min
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Dan Crenshaw & Peter Zeihan 10 Jan 2024 • EN

Predicting the Future with Geopolitical Strategist Peter Zeihan

Europe is entering its third year of the Ukraine-Russia War. There are multiple high-intensity conflicts ongoing in the Middle East. China is escalating its aggression in the western Pacific. Cartels and Marxist politicians are embroiling the Americas. Where is all this headed? Geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan retu

53 min
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Jonah Goldberg & Dan Crenshaw 14 Dec 2023 • EN

House of Horrors

On today’s Remnant, Jonah joins GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas to discuss what we can do to fix Congress and our other broken institutions of government. Come prepared with your bingo cards, because the nerdery covers some of Jonah’s favorite bugaboos, including Congress’ transformation into a parliament of pundits, th

112 min
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First, in the aftermath of a brutal terrorist attack by Hamas, Israel is now preparing for a ground war in Gaza and making it clear that this is only the beginning. Now the question is how civilians, including Americans, can stay safe amidst the escalating violence. We're joined by US National Security Advisor Jake Sul

67 min
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Dan Crenshaw & Christopher Rufo 04 Oct 2023 • EN

How the Radical Left Conquered America’s Institutions | Christopher Rufo

Christopher Rufo is the author of the NY Times best-selling book, “America’s Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything.” He joined Rep. Crenshaw to trace back modern wokeism to its 1960s cultural roots. Chris breaks down the operating cycles of race, class, and gender-based movements in progressive

38 min
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