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Dan Crenshaw & Yascha Mounk 19 Sep 2023 • EN

How America Fell Into the Identity Trap | Yascha Mounk

Yascha Mounk is a writer and academic known for his work on the crisis of democracy and the defense of philosophically liberal values. His new book “The Identity Trap” traces the origins of identity politics and how it’s rapidly transforming the modern world. He joined Rep. Crenshaw to discuss how identity politics gre

100 min
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Dan Crenshaw & Eliezer Yudkowsky 13 Jul 2023 • EN

Can We Stop the AI Apocalypse? | Eliezer Yudkowsky

Artificial Intelligence (AI) researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky makes the case for why we should view AI as an existential threat to humanity. Rep. Crenshaw gets into the basics of AI and how the new AI program, GPT-4, is a revolutionary leap forward in the tech. Eliezer hypothesizes the most likely scenarios if AI becomes s

61 min
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Dan Crenshaw & Rebeccah Heinrichs 23 May 2023 • EN

How to Prevent the Next World War | Rebeccah Heinrichs

National security expert Rebeccah Heinrichs joins Rep. Crenshaw to discuss strategic nuclear deterrence in the 21st century, the New Cold War against China and Russia, idealism vs realism in foreign affairs, and why America must re-establish itself as the global military and economic superpower if it hopes to survive.

51 min
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Konstantin Kisin + Francis Foster & Dan Crenshaw 17 May 2023 • EN

Dan Crenshaw: Fortitude in the Era of Grievance

SPONSORED BY: easyDNS - domain name registrar provider and web host. Use special code: TRIGGERED for 50% off when you visit https://easydns.com/triggered/ Dan Crenshaw is an American Congressman and former US Navy SEAL officer who served in Afghanistan. Reaching the rank of lieutenant commander, Crenshaw was wounded in

52 min
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Dan Crenshaw & Dave Rubin 30 Mar 2023 • EN

Here's the Truth About Congress | Dave Rubin

This is a special crosspost episode with The Rubin Report. Dave Rubin visited Washington, D.C. this week and sat down with Rep. Crenshaw for a conversation about the current political dynamics in Congress. They cover what it’s like working with Democrats behind closed doors, how politics has gotten way more extreme sin

34 min
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Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Congressman Dan Crenshaw about why bipartisan support is so important to passing legislation; how both the Republican and Democratic Parties are being held hostage by the far right and the far left; why the developing science of psychedelics may end up forcing him to work with

37 min
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