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As an evolutionary psychologist, Steven Pinker advances the idea that humans are getting along better over time – despite what we see on the nightly news. As a linguist, he knows how the mind learns and a psychologist, he knows how the mind feels. On the About page on his personal website, Pinker has posted an X-ray of his brain and a spreadsheet of his genome.

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Robert Wright & Steven Pinker 06 Jun 2024 • EN

The Alien Mind of AI (Robert Wright & Steven Pinker)

AI's human-like, but inhuman, language skills ... Bob argues that LLMs don’t vindicate the ‘blank slate’ view of the mind ... Do humans and AIs acquire language in totally different ways? ... Will AIs ever quit hallucinating? ... The importance (or not) of “embodied cognition” ... What is it like to be an AI? ... Why S

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Nick Gillespie & Steven Pinker 27 Mar 2024 • EN

Steven Pinker: What Went Wrong at Harvard

The psychologist and bestselling author argues that Harvard's free speech policy was so "selectively prosecuted that it became a national joke."

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On tonight's episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored, Piers is joined by Rupert Everett on Bradley Cooper backlash. Piers speaks to a British Army Colonel who was forced out of the military after saying 'men cannot be women'. Piers is also joined by rock star psychologist Steven Pinker. Watch Piers Morgan Uncensored at 8 pm

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Ian Bremmer & Steven Pinker 23 Sep 2023 • EN

The case for global optimism with Steven Pinker

War in Ukraine. Global poverty on the rise. Hunger, too. Not to mention a persistent pandemic. It doesn't feel like a particularly good time to be alive. And yet, Harvard psychologist Stephen Pinker argues that things are getting better today than ever across the world, based on the metrics that matter. Like laundry.  

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Joe Walker & Steven Pinker 14 Dec 2022 • EN

Rationality And Its Opposite — Steven Pinker

How rational are we? How can a species smart enough to set foot on the moon also be prone to conspiracy theories that the moon landing was fake? Joe speaks with Steven Pinker to discuss rationality — and its opposite. Steven Pinker is the Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard University. He is a two-time Pulitze

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Stephen Fry & Steven Pinker 04 Oct 2022 • EN

Stephen Fry Meets Steven Pinker - Enlightenment Now

In anticipation of our next in-person live event with Steven Pinker in conversation with Richard Dawkins, we wanted to share a previous appearance from 2019, in conversation with actor and broadcaster Stephen Fry. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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