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TALKING FEDS is a roundtable discussion that brings together prominent former government officials, journalists, and special guests for a dynamic and in-depth analysis of the most pressing questions in law and politics.

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08 Apr 2024 • EN

Court and Snark

As the first-ever trial of a former President looks imminent & certain, an only-on-Talking-Feds roundtable of Molly Jong-Fast, Josh Marshall, & Sen Sheldon Whitehouse joins Harry to assess how the spectacle of Trump-in-the-chair will play on the campaign trail. They then move on to the re-emergence of abortion as a yea

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With the campaign underway in earnest, the question of whether Trump can be held accountable for his constitutional misconduct and alleged crimes becomes ever more paramount. A fantastic round table of Jamie Raskin, Jacob Weisberg, and Christine Todd Whitman join Harry to discuss the series of current challenges with t

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25 Mar 2024 • EN

Trump Trials University

A very different, special episode this week.   Rather than the standard 3-guest roundtable, we convened 12 of the most well-known TV commentators for a very lively and dynamic dialogue on the big developments in front of us and on the horizon: what will happen in the NY DA hearing, for which Merchan has reserved 2 days

60 min
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It was the week in which both Joe Biden and Donald Trump passed the threshold for delegates to secure their party’s nominations for President, and the general election season began. Barbara Boxer, David French, & Jason Kander join Harry to compare and contrast 2024 w/ 2020; consider the American people’s apparent indif

57 min
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11 Mar 2024 • EN

A Country for Old Men

The preliminaries ended abruptly this week, and we suddenly find ourselves at the starting line for the general election. Robert Costa, Hugo Lowell, & Tara Setmayer join Harry to break down the pivotal events that brought us here – Trump’s rout of Haley on Super Tuesday and Biden’s rousing SOTU. Trump’s triumph sharpen

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No court ruled for Donald Trump this week, yet he got several assists in his quest to delay and even evade accountability. The US Supreme Court agreed to hear his claim for immunity, pushing back the all-important January 6 trial at least several months. Three of the country’s strongest commentators and the podcast’s c

59 min
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