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Paul Krugman + Stephanie Ruhle + Dean Baker 13 Nov 2023 • EN

It's (Half) the Economy, Genius!

Our semi-annual focus on economics with a stellar set of guests – Dean Baker, Paul Krugman, and Stephanie Ruhle – falls this week at the starkest of crossroads: economic news and bellwethers are stunningly good while American’s views of the state of the economy are stunningly bad. Our roundtable discusses these trends,

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Egberto Willies & Stephanie Ruhle 04 Oct 2023 • EN

Stephanie Ruhle discusses bad messaging by Democrats on the economy

Democrats continuously tell Americans that the economy is firing on all cylinders. While this is the case for many, Stephanie Ruhle states that we must address those left behind. --- Send in a voice message:

5 min
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Dan Nathan + Danny Moses + Guy Adami & Stephanie Ruhle 14 Apr 2023 • EN

All Quiet on the Volatility Front with Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC

Guy, Dan & Danny discuss when it will be safe to pick stocks again (5:00), bank earnings (6:30), how to protect your portfolio ahead of the next Fed meeting (15:00), no ceiling for the gold market (27:00), recession trends (30:00), and Schwab/Blackstone/Tesla earnings next week (34:30). Later, the co-hosts sit down wit

98 min
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Donny Deutsch & Stephanie Ruhle 17 Mar 2022 • EN

Stephanie Ruhle: Make Me Smarter, Make Me Better

On this episode, Donny sits down with the host of the 11th Hour and Senior Business Analyst for NBC News, Stephanie Ruhle. Stephanie and Donny dive right into her start in banking and transition into media, the difference between having a point of view and being stuck in deep ideology, and her thoughts on the war in Uk

60 min
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Stephanie Ruhle + Kara Swisher & Gal Beckerman 04 Mar 2022 • EN

The Latest on Ukraine, A TikTok Investigation, and Guest Gal Beckerman

Kara and guest host Stephanie Ruhle discuss the latest developments in Ukraine, the Fed's plan to raise interest rates, and a new investigation of TikTok's effects on mental health. Plus, Friend of Pivot Gal Beckerman joins to discuss his new book, The Quiet Before: On The Unexpected Origins of Radical Ideas. You can f

69 min
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Kara Swisher + Stephanie Ruhle & Marc Benioff 09 Oct 2021 • EN

BONUS EPISODE: Marc Benioff at Code Conference 2021

Kara and Stephanie Ruhle sit down with Salesforce CEO, Marc Benioff. Recorded live at Code 2021 in Los Angeles. This interview has been condensed and lightly edited. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

48 min
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