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Dan Nathan + Guy Adami + Danny Moses & David Rosenberg 03 Nov 2023 • EN

Stock Market Rally on Shaky Ground with David Rosenberg

On this episode of “On The Tape,” Guy, Danny, and Dan talk about the rally off the lows (2:00), yields vs. stocks (9:00), commodities (16:30), the BOJ meeting (18:00), bank stocks (21:30), why Dan thinks it’s a good trading environment (24:30), and Danny’s NFL picks (27:30). David Rosenberg of Rosenberg Research joins

61 min
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Dan Nathan + Guy Adami + Danny Moses & Luke Gromen 20 Oct 2023 • EN

Classic Late Cycle with Cameron Dawson and Luke Gromen

Cameron Dawson of NewEdge Wealth joins Dan Nathan, Guy Adami, and Danny Moses to discuss classic late-cycle market behavior (2:00), what could spark rate cuts, and what that means for the market (9:30), enthusiasm around semiconductor stocks (15:30), credit cycles (18:00), what Cameron is focused on this earnings seaso

86 min
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Dan Nathan + Guy Adami + Danny Moses & Tom Lee 01 Sep 2023 • EN

Better Man with Fundstrat's Tom Lee & Brady Cobb of Sunburn Cannabis

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee joins Dan Nathan, Guy Adami and Danny Moses for the first half of the pod to discuss the stock market not making sense actually makes sense (4:00), the bond market (16:00), why it’s too early to have a 2024 outlook (18:00), Bitcoin (25:00) and sentiment among Fundstrat clients (27:00). After the bre

58 min
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Dan Nathan + Guy Adami + Danny Moses & Peter Boockvar 18 Aug 2023 • EN

Pavlov’s Bears with Peter Boockvar

Peter Boockvar of the Boock Report joins Dan, Danny, and Guy to discuss the Fed raising rates (6:00), the most bullish things Peter is seeing (12:00), recession tipping points (16:30), what’s happening in Japan (28:30), financials (32:00), China (36:30), the election cycle (45:00), trends from recent earnings calls (48

60 min
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Guy Adami + Dan Nathan + Danny Moses & Stephanie Ruhle 14 Apr 2023 • EN

All Quiet on the Volatility Front with Stephanie Ruhle of MSNBC

Guy, Dan & Danny discuss when it will be safe to pick stocks again (5:00), bank earnings (6:30), how to protect your portfolio ahead of the next Fed meeting (15:00), no ceiling for the gold market (27:00), recession trends (30:00), and Schwab/Blackstone/Tesla earnings next week (34:30). Later, the co-hosts sit down wit

98 min
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Guy Adami + Danny Moses + Dan Nathan & Bethany McLean 17 Feb 2023 • EN

Won’t Get Fooled Again & A Conversation With Bethany McLean

Dan Nathan, Guy Adami and Danny Moses are asking themselves if they’ll get fooled again (1:00). Never underestimate the U.S. consumer’s desire to spend money (7:00). Escalations with China continue to threaten the economy (9:30). Headlines and technicals aren’t looking great for Tesla (13:45). Is the market finally sta

68 min
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