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David Runciman, PhD FBA

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David Runciman teaches politics at Cambridge and hosts the podcast Talking Politics.

David Runciman's Interviews

Ed Miliband + Geoff Lloyd & David Runciman 07 Mar 2022 • EN


Hello! This week we’re joined by podcasting royalty, as David Runciman, host of Talking Politics, joins Ed and Geoff for his victory lap. After 6 years, David and co-host Helen Thompson are hanging up their headphones on one of the smartest political podcast of our time. Ed and Geoff find out why they’re stopping in th

47 min
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Adam Biles & David Runciman 27 Oct 2021 • EN

Richard Powers on Bewilderment

Our guest this week is Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Powers, discussing Bewilderment, his moving and visionary, Booker-shortlisted novel about a bereaved father and his neurodiverse son, their hunt for life on planets—both real and imaginary—and their attempts to convince others that life on our own planet is worth sav

61 min
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Adam Biles & David Runciman 20 Oct 2021 • EN

David Runciman on Confronting Leviathan

This week Adam Biles is joined by David Runciman, Professor of Politics at Cambridge University and the presenter of the hugely popular Talking Politics podcast. David's new book Confronting Leviathan is a compelling and accessible introduction to some of the most important and radical thinkers (Wolstonecraft, Constant

68 min
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David Runciman + Helen Thompson & Adam Tooze 23 Sep 2021 • EN

Shutdown/Confronting Leviathan

We’re back from our summer break with David, Helen and Adam Tooze exploring what the pandemic has revealed about politics, economics and the new world order. From Covid crisis to China crisis to climate crisis: how does it all fit together? And what comes next? Adam’s new book is Shutdown: How Covid Shook the World’s E

64 min
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David Runciman & Linda Colley 03 Jun 2021 • EN

Why Constitutions Matter

David talks to historian Linda Colley about her new global history of written constitutions: the paper documents that made and remade the modern world. From Corsica to Pitcairn, from Mexico to Japan, it's an amazing story of war and peace, violence, imagination and fear. Recorded as part of the Cambridge Literary Festi

44 min
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David Runciman + Helen Thompson & Robert Tombs + Robert Saunders 27 May 2021 • EN

England, Their England

We talk to the historians Robert Tombs and Robert Saunders about the history of England and the future of the Union. Is the size and complexity of England the real problem in holding the UK together? What can England's past teach us about the present state of British politics? Does England have a 'Northern Question' to

44 min
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