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Helen Thompson + David Runciman & Robert Saunders + Robert Tombs 27 May 2021 • EN

England, Their England

We talk to the historians Robert Tombs and Robert Saunders about the history of England and the future of the Union. Is the size and complexity of England the real problem in holding the UK together? What can England's past teach us about the present state of British politics? Does England have a 'Northern Question' to

44 min
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Dan Snow & Robert Tombs 20 Feb 2021 • EN

Brexit History Showdown with Robert Tombs

Five years after the announcement of the Brexit referendum I am joined on the podcast by Robert Tombs, author of The Sovereign Isle: Britain In and Out of Europe, for a Brexit history showdown. In this thought-provoking conversation Robert, a fantastic historian absolutely steeped in European history sets out why he be

30 min
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Robert Tombs, Cambridge history professor, talks to Toby Young about why he supports Brexit, why so many of his colleagues don't, whether the English intelligentsia's loathing of their country is a uniquely English characteristic and what their reaction is likely to be if the U.K. does eventually leave the European Uni

48 min
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Helen Thompson + David Runciman & Robert Tombs 01 Apr 2015 • EN

S01-EP08 - Robert Tombs on Britishness, Britain's place in Europe & the NHS

What makes our politics uniquely ‘British’? Why is there no English Independence Party? How did the NHS become a sacred cow? And will Britannia ever rule the waves again? David puts these questions to Professor Robert Tombs – historian and author of a new epic history of England – to discover the impact of culture and

45 min
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