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Dan Snow & Robert Saunders 12 Aug 2022 • EN

300 Years of British Prime Ministers Part 2

2/2. It's a big summer for British politics with Boris Johnson's resignation and the race between conservative hopefuls Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss to take his place, firmly on. To make sense of this coveted premiership, we've delved into the History Hit podcast archives for our rampaging explainer on the history of Brit

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Dan Snow & Robert Saunders 09 Aug 2022 • EN

Unrest in Parliament: The Hot Summer of 1911

The summer of 1911 was a hot one. Massive strikes took place across the country, including seamen, railwaymen, coal miners, women working in food processing and garment-making and even school children. That, combined with record-breaking temperatures made Britain a constitutional, industrial and political tinderbox. It

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Dan Snow & Robert Saunders 25 Jul 2021 • EN

What is Going on With Democracy?

Democracy is in crisis around the world. Dr Robert Saunders, from Queen Mary University of London, is back on the podcast to discuss why it is under threat. From the changing media landscape, to technological advances and questionable electoral systems, hear why we are facing this global shift and what the future may h

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Helen Thompson + David Runciman & Robert Saunders + Robert Tombs 27 May 2021 • EN

England, Their England

We talk to the historians Robert Tombs and Robert Saunders about the history of England and the future of the Union. Is the size and complexity of England the real problem in holding the UK together? What can England's past teach us about the present state of British politics? Does England have a 'Northern Question' to

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Dan Snow & Robert Saunders 11 Apr 2021 • EN

300 years of British Prime Ministers: Part 2

Continuing our series looking at British Prime Ministers this episode tackles the period following the Battle of Waterloo all the way up to Winston Churchill. The brilliant Robert Saunders joins us to guide us through the nineteenth century and to discuss some of the most remarkable parliamentarians in history includin

57 min
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Dan Snow & Robert Saunders 11 Dec 2019 • EN

General Election Special

Historian Robert Saunders from Queen Mary University of London talks about the elections in the past that he feels have most resonance and parallels today.   See for privacy and opt-out information.

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