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Dan Nathan + Danny Moses + Guy Adami & Bethany McLean 17 Feb 2023 • EN

Won’t Get Fooled Again & A Conversation With Bethany McLean

Dan Nathan, Guy Adami and Danny Moses are asking themselves if they’ll get fooled again (1:00). Never underestimate the U.S. consumer’s desire to spend money (7:00). Escalations with China continue to threaten the economy (9:30). Headlines and technicals aren’t looking great for Tesla (13:45). Is the market finally sta

68 min
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Bethany McLean + Luigi Zingales & Martin Wolf 16 Feb 2023 • EN

Martin Wolf: Is Capitalism Killing Democracy?

Martin Wolf is a renowned Financial Times columnist, and his new book is The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism. In it, he argues that liberal democracy and market capitalism are inextricably linked – and that both must be reformed to survive. Bethany and Luigi discuss with Wolf how meritocracy, rising inequality, polariz

51 min
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Bethany McLean + Luigi Zingales & Cory Doctorow 08 Dec 2022 • EN

Taylor Swift, Ticketmaster, and Chokepoint Capitalism with Cory Doctorow

Read an excerpt from the book here:

56 min
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Bethany McLean + Luigi Zingales & Vivek Ramaswamy 24 Nov 2022 • EN

The "Woke" Capitalism Game With Vivek Ramaswamy

We're taking the holiday off to be with our families, but that doesn't stop the economic news. And there is no story bigger than the collapse of the crypto exchange, FTX. One aspect that attracted our attention was Sam Bankman-Fried, the young CEO of FTX, officially bought into a philosophy called Effective Altruism, w

50 min
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Bethany McLean + Luigi Zingales & John Cochrane 27 Oct 2022 • EN

A Different Story Of Inflation With John Cochrane

In June 2022, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell said, "we [now] understand better how little we understand about inflation." So what do we actually know about inflation? In this episode, Luigi and Bethany explore the origins of inflation with John Cochrane, Senior Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution and author of

40 min
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Bethany McLean + Luigi Zingales & Thomas Piketty 13 Oct 2022 • EN

[Unedited]: Thomas Piketty On Creating A More Equal Society?

French economist Thomas Piketty is one of the leading intellectuals documenting inequality, with his 2013 book “Capital in the Twenty-First Century” becoming widely read and cited. His new book, "A Brief History of Equality," is more optimistic: In it, Piketty documents how our world has become relatively more equal si

57 min
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