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Joe Saul-Sehy + Josh Bannerman & Jean Chatzky 20 Dec 2023 • EN

Lessons From 2023 with Today Show Money Editor Jean Chatzky (SB1451)

LOTS of incredible events happened this year. What should we have learned from a big bank collapse? From Bitcoin resurging? From the stock market moving up (along with interest rates)? We asked about all of these and more to Today Show Money Editor and host of the Her Money podcast, Jean Chatzky. Jean shares great tips

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Jean Chatzky & Amy Edmondson 20 Dec 2023 • EN

How To Fail, With Amy Edmondson

“Move fast and break things.” That was Mark Zuckerburg’s now-famous early motto for Facebook. Fast forward to today, many budding startup founders have come to live by this idea — that if you’re not getting messy and failing often, you’re not making progress — and you’re definitely not creating the next Facebook. Recen

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Jean Chatzky & Bethany McLean 13 Dec 2023 • EN

Financial Fallout And Our Economy With Bethany McLean

While many of us would prefer to forget the pandemic ever happened, the choices we made (as a society and perhaps, personally) in 2020 continue to have lingering effects. We know that women were disproportionately affected by the pandemic — an estimated two million women left the workforce due to the strains of caregiv

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Jean Chatzky & Dan Ariely 20 Sep 2023 • EN

What “Fake News” Really Looks Like, with Dan Ariely

If you’re finding it harder these days to discern exactly what to believe when you watch or read the news, you’re not alone. It’s gotten so bad that The Associated Press has an entire section of their website dedicated to “Not Real News” where they fact-check the news of the week. So, how can we make sure our sources a

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Jean Chatzky & Elise Loehnen 13 Sep 2023 • EN

How to Overcome Perfectionist Tendencies with Elise Loehnen

As women, we can often feel pressure to always be “doing,” whether that’s working, going to the gym, prepping a project, or just getting ready for the next day. Many of us also have a hard time sitting still, and we may even be perfectionists about some things. (Yes, the data shows that women are more likely to be perf

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Jean Chatzky & Manisha Thakor 23 Aug 2023 • EN

What Is “Enough”? with Manisha Thakor

Worrying about money is, unfortunately, a universal problem. And with today’s economic uncertainty, stubbornly high inflation and recession fears, our worries are only increasing. While it’s impossible to sidestep stress in all areas of our lives, we can take steps to help manage how we feel about our finances, and inc

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