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Scott Trench + Mindy Jensen & Kevin O’Leary 13 Mar 2023 • EN

Kevin O'Leary: Ultimate Investing Advice from Mr. Wonderful

Kevin O’Leary (AKA Mr. Wonderful) might be the world’s favorite (and most outspoken) investor. You’ve probably seen him on Shark Tank, where he’s doing deals with startups, putting overconfident entrepreneurs in their place, and often making boring products into billion-dollar companies. Kevin has the Midas touch, or a

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If you live in a great home, why move out of it into a lesser one? Currently working on her eleventh flip, Mindy Jensen is a mom, works her day job at biggerpockets.com, and has bought and sold houses live-and-flip style for over two decades. In this episode, Mindy discusses the process of moving into an ugly house and

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Mindy Jensen + Scott Trench & Chris Hutchins 21 Nov 2022 • EN

All the Money Hacks We WISH We Had Known About

Travel hacks, spending hacks, medical hacks. If there’s one thing that Chris Hutchins has learned from hosting the All the Hacks podcast, it’s that everything is negotiable. You can travel to over sixty countries for (almost) free, outsource your cooking at a reasonable rate and even get free money once forgotten. Chri

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Mindy Jensen + Scott Trench & Nick Maggiulli 24 Oct 2022 • EN

Why “Just Keep Buying” is The Smartest, Simplest Way to Get Rich

Dollar-cost averaging—you may have heard the term before, but maybe not its implications. According to Nick Maggiulli, it’s probably the easiest way to get rich with stocks, real estate, or really anything else. But what about buying the dip? Wouldn’t investing at historic lows be the wisest move to make when the marke

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Mindy Jensen + Scott Trench & David Pere 19 Sep 2022 • EN

College is NOT for EVERYONE: Joining the Military & Become Financially Free

College isn’t the only option after high school. In fact, it’s not even the best option. Typically, twenty-two-year-olds fresh out of college are launched into the workforce with a lot of debt and little life experience. So how do you enter the workforce debt-free with life experience? Join the military. Today’s guest,

59 min
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Scott Trench + Mindy Jensen & Brian Feroldi 15 Aug 2022 • EN

Why the Stock Market Should NOT Scare You (Even As It Crashes) w/Brian Feroldi

A stock market crash looks like bad news. The world is ending and everything is down. There won’t be any more profits to take…until the stock market gets back on track, which it always does. We’re not kidding—take a look at the past hundred years of total stock market performance and you’ll see something not-so-shockin

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