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Jonathan Mendonsa + Brad Barrett & Chris Hutchins 01 Jan 2024 • EN

470 | The Spectrum of Financial Independence | Chris Hutchins

In this episode: FI versus FIRE, coast FI, lean FI, tools for FI, the skill of spending, dying with zero, and prioritizing health. This week we are joined by our friend and host of the “All the Hacks” podcast, Chris Hutchins to discuss the “spectrum” of FI, and all that falls in between. From the evolution of FI over t

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Bob Wheeler & Brad Barrett 13 Dec 2023 • EN

Reset Your Money Mind. Brad Barrett

Today I'm thrilled to welcome leading financial advisor Brad Barrett. As founder of One Capital Management, Brad takes a holistic, personalized approach to financial advising that examines the emotional and psychological aspects behind money. With nearly 20+ years experience empowering clients, Brad shares game-changin

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We are excited to be joined by Brad Barrett, CFP®, on the Balanced Growth Show today. Brad is Managing Director and Partner at One Capital Management LLC, a private wealth advisory firm with nearly 5.3 billion in assets. Passionate about finding new ways to educate investors, Brad share his knowledge and experience thr

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Is there a right way and a wrong way to retire? Tune in to learn how to secure the right path to retirement.

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Cody Berman + Justin Taylor & Brad Barrett 09 Aug 2023 • EN

Choosing FI | Brad Barrett

We like to think we put out some of the best financial independence content for you as a podcast listener. But it's hard to argue that Brad Barrett has influenced more podcast listeners than just about anyone else in the financial independence space. Brad is the host of the wildly successful podcast, ChooseFI. ChooseFI

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George Grombacher & Brad Barrett 09 Aug 2023 • EN

Your Money Why with Brad Barrett

LifeBlood: We talked about finding your money why, the importance of and how to do it, how to create an aligned and cohesive plan, how often to think about it, and how to get started, with Brad Barrett, Managing Director and Partner with One Capital Management.       Listen to learn the importance of being honest about

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