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Eric Reinholdt + Jason & Karsten Jeske + Fritz Gilbert 12 Feb 2023 • EN

What’s Wrong with This Popular Retirement Strategy?

Do you worry about running out of money in retirement? How do you draw down your assets without tanking your portfolio? Eric + Jason talk with FIRE bloggers Karsten Jeske and Fritz Gilbert about the bucket strategy. Is it a reasonable withdrawal plan or nothing more than a gimmick? They discuss alternative approaches,

David Sun & Karsten Jeske 05 Dec 2022 • EN

74 - From FIRE to PCR w Karsten Jeske aka Big ERN

Follow Karsten on Twitter @ErnRetireNow Read the Early Retirement Now blog at : Read about Safe Withdrawal Rates at: The Trade Busters provides actionable ideas to take your option trading to the next level.  Through our educati

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Eric Reinholdt + Jason & Karsten Jeske 03 Jul 2022 • EN

What the FIRE Community Gets Wrong - Talking with Karsten Jeske

What would you do if you ran out of money in retirement? It's hard to imagine a scarier outcome, and yet many on the FIRE path may be at risk for this if they get their portfolio withdrawal rate wrong. In this episode, Eric + Jason talk with Karsten Jeske, the creator of the Early Retirement Now blog. Known by many as

64 min
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Jeff Ptak + Christine Benz & Karsten Jeske + David Blanchett + Christine Benz 14 Jun 2022 • EN

Christine Benz, David Blanchett, and Karsten Jeske: The State of Retirement Income

This week we’re pleased to bring you a special “State of Retirement Income” episode, which we recorded live at the annual Morningstar Investment Conference held recently in Chicago, Illinois. For this discussion, we turn the tables on Christine, who is part of an expert retirement planning panel that also includes Davi

51 min
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Jim Dahle & Karsten Jeske 20 Jan 2022 • EN

WCI #246: Early Retirement Now

Our guest in this episode is Dr. Karsten. He's the mind behind the Early Retirement Now blog. He completed a PhD in economics, worked for the Federal Reserve for a while and taught economics. He joined the research department of an investment manager and got a CFA designation. He spent 10 years there before punching ou

74 min
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Andrew Chen & Karsten Jeske 11 Jan 2022 • EN

How current economic changes impact retirement safe withdrawal rates

#85: Recently I’ve really started to notice the impact of inflation on daily spending. Have you? At first, it was just 1-2 things. Then it was a handful. Now it seems like everything is noticeably more expensive. (Assuming it’s even in stock in the first place.) Gas. Groceries. Takeout. Toiletries. Utilities. Car maint

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