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Eric Reinholdt + Jason & Karsten Jeske + Fritz Gilbert 12 Feb 2023 • EN

What’s Wrong with This Popular Retirement Strategy?

Do you worry about running out of money in retirement? How do you draw down your assets without tanking your portfolio? Eric + Jason talk with FIRE bloggers Karsten Jeske and Fritz Gilbert about the bucket strategy. Is it a reasonable withdrawal plan or nothing more than a gimmick? They discuss alternative approaches,

Eric Reinholdt + Jason & Karsten Jeske 03 Jul 2022 • EN

What the FIRE Community Gets Wrong - Talking with Karsten Jeske

What would you do if you ran out of money in retirement? It's hard to imagine a scarier outcome, and yet many on the FIRE path may be at risk for this if they get their portfolio withdrawal rate wrong. In this episode, Eric + Jason talk with Karsten Jeske, the creator of the Early Retirement Now blog. Known by many as

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Eric Reinholdt + Jason & Fritz Gilbert 16 Jan 2022 • EN

Retirement Is Nothing Like I Thought It Would Be

We all daydream about what retirement will be like, but will reality live up to expectations? In this episode, Eric and Jason are joined by Fritz Gilbert, who blogs at The Retirement Manifesto (https://theretirementmanifesto.com). Now nearly four years after retiring early, Fritz brings valuable experience + perspectiv

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