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Reid Hoffman & Maayan Cohen 18 Oct 2023 • EN

On the ground in Israel, w/Hello Heart's Maayan Cohen

In the midst of conflict and turmoil, Hello Heart CEO Maayan Cohen leads her team with compassion, resilience, and a commitment to justice. In this special episode of Masters of Scale Rapid Response, Cohen describes navigating the unprecedented challenges of running a business in Israel while the country is at war, all

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Krista Tippett & Reid Hoffman 05 Oct 2023 • EN

Reid Hoffman — AI, and What It Means to Be (More) Human

In this season of On Being and those to come, we are going to train the core human questions on the emerging “generative AI.” Beyond the hype and the doom, what is this new technology calling us to as human beings? What is our agency to shape it to human purpose, and how might it bring us — literally — to our senses? T

83 min
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Reid Hoffman & Stacey Abrams 12 Sep 2023 • EN

Stacey Abrams: How to harness risk

For some entrepreneurs, risk is just part of the game. But for the reluctant entrepreneur, whose endeavors come as a response to a need they've identified, risk can feel more like a necessary evil. That’s why you need to learn to harness risk. Stacey Abrams, an entrepreneur and scale leader both in and outside of polit

43 min
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Reid Hoffman & Brian Grazer 29 Aug 2023 • EN

134. Brian Grazer: Scale your curiosity

Amidst the fast pace of entrepreneurial life, how can we make our networking more impactful? The acclaimed film and television producer Brian Grazer argues that curiosity is the elixir for deeper human connection and cultivating a healthy network that serves as an ever-flowing well of inspiration.  Brian joins Reid to

33 min
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Reid Hoffman & Ron Howard 15 Aug 2023 • EN

133. Ron Howard: Evolve your vision

How do you stay true to your vision for your company amid constant, unpredictable change? And how do you stay true to a singular vision, while also letting it evolve? These are questions every leader needs to consider as they rally people, resources and opportunities to make their vision a reality. Celebrated filmmaker

36 min
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Aria Finger + Reid Hoffman & Ethan Mollick 05 Jul 2023 • EN

Prompt and Process with Ethan Mollick [AI miniseries]

What if you could tweak the questions you ask ChatGPT and make you ten times more effective or productive? Ethan Mollick is an Associate Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He studies and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship, and also examines the effects of artificial intelligence on

55 min
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