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Reid Hoffman + Aria Finger & Kerry Washington 17 Jan 2024 • EN

Kerry Washington on Connection, Identity and AI

How can technology change—and actually deepen—human connection?  Kerry Washington is an Emmy-winning, SAG-and-Golden Globe-nominated actor. She’s also a director, and producer, and New-York-Times-bestselling author of the memoir Thicker Than Water. She joins the podcast to talk about how AI and other technology can tra

57 min
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Reid Hoffman + Aria Finger & Salman Khan 10 Jan 2024 • EN

Sal Khan on the Future of K-12 Education

What if every learner on the planet had access to a world-class education? This week’s guest has an impressive track record of using technology to make that dream a reality. Sal Khan is the founder and CEO of Khan Academy, an education nonprofit whose pioneering digital tools support K-12 students everywhere, along wit

54 min
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Join me for an electrifying BOSS interview with Aria Finger, where she shares her incredible journey from to collaborating with Silicon Valley legend Reid Hoffman as his Chief of Staff. Aria's insights on networking, AI's transformative power, and work-life balance are a must-listen. Discover her advice

12 min
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Aria Finger + Reid Hoffman & Ethan Mollick 05 Jul 2023 • EN

Prompt and Process with Ethan Mollick [AI miniseries]

What if you could tweak the questions you ask ChatGPT and make you ten times more effective or productive? Ethan Mollick is an Associate Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He studies and teaches innovation and entrepreneurship, and also examines the effects of artificial intelligence on

55 min
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Aria Finger + Reid Hoffman & Ariel Ekblaw 17 May 2023 • EN

Ariel Ekblaw on the Future of Space Exploration

What if we could commute to space for work? Or rest and relax in a floating pod, immersed in a galaxy? Such easy access to space might not be as far away as we think. This week, Reid and Aria sit down with Ariel Ekblaw, director of the MIT Space Exploration Initiative and founding CEO of Aurelia Institute. Ariel talks

53 min
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Aria Finger + Reid Hoffman & Sam Altman + Greg Brockman 03 May 2023 • EN

Sam Altman and Greg Brockman on AI and the Future

How might we develop and deploy beneficial, safe artificial general intelligence for humanity? Reid and Aria are joined by Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, and Greg Brockman, OpenAI co-founder and president. Sam and Greg trace their journey—from articulating their mission to early company projects and decisions to scalin

60 min
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