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“AI, Schmay-aye” says Barry Diller, on the technology the markets and the content industry can’t stop talking about.  The media mogul joins the Squawk Box gang for a deep dive into the causes – and the impact – of the historic twin strikes that have crippled Hollywood.  The IAC Chairman and one-time studio head says a

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Reid Hoffman & Barry Diller 11 Aug 2020 • EN

14. The infinite learner, w/Barry Diller (Part 1 of our interview)

Tinder. Top Gun. Roots. The Simpsons. What do they have in common? Media icon Barry Diller. We're re-airing a classic episode with some wise words. Barry is what we call an "infinite learner." He’s only interested in things he's never done before. And if they’ve never been done by ANYONE? Better yet. He succeeds by emb

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Michael Milken & Barry Diller 16 Jun 2020 • EN

Ep. 66: Teachable Moment, with IAC’s Barry Diller

“Local travel, meaning travel 100 to 600 miles from where you live by car, is fairly robust and is almost back to pre‐COVID levels. … We're not seeing and won't see air travel, certainly not international air travel. … We’re not seeing it yet because people feel unsafe. Travel is probably one of the last to actually ge

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Andrew Serwer & Barry Diller 19 Jul 2019 • EN

Barry Diller joins Influencers with Andy Serwer

Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer sits down with Barry Diller, IAC chairman and senior executive. Diller offers his take on the different media mergers and the evolution of the industry, while praising Netflix. He calls for more tech regulation, but suggests that the public has overreacted over Facebook. The me

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Kara Swisher & Barry Diller 18 Feb 2019 • EN

Recode Decode: IAC chairman Barry Diller

Barry Diller, the chairman of IAC and the Expedia Group, talks with Recode's Kara Swisher about the state of the tech and media industries, problematic people in power and why Diller is building a new public park in New York. In this episode: What does he do as chairman of those companies?; the future of dating apps; h

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David Rubenstein & Barry Diller 04 Oct 2018 • EN

Barry Diller

Over his long career, Barry Diller has founded and led some of the most influential media companies in America, creating the Fox Broadcasting Company, running Paramount Pictures, and, more recently, leading InterActiveCorp as it grows into a multi-billion dollar internet company.  See for privac

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