Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval Noah Harari

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Yuval Noah Harari is a professor in in the Department of History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the author of several best-selling books, including "Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind."

Yuval Noah Harari's Interviews

The future of jobs, democracy and humanity are constantly changing and constantly being threatened with the rise of technology. With the rise of social media, biotech, and infotech covering everything from your social life, your online life, to your healthcare, algorithms and artificial intelligence are inescapable and

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Stephen J. Dubner & Yuval Noah Harari 29 Dec 2022 • EN

528. Yuval Noah Harari Thinks Life is Meaningless and Amazing

In this special episode of People I (Mostly) Admire, Steve Levitt talks to the best-selling author of Sapiens and Homo Deus about finding the profound in the obvious.

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Adam Conover & Yuval Noah Harari 16 Nov 2022 • EN

How Humans Took Over the World with Yuval Noah Harari

We’ve got a big one this week: best-selling historian and author of Sapiens and Unstoppable Us Yuval Noah Harari joins Adam to explain how humans took over the world, discuss his fears about A.I., and to respond to some prominent critiques. Pick up his books at http://factuallypod.com/books Learn more about your ad cho

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Neil deGrasse Tyson & Yuval Noah Harari 15 Nov 2022 • EN

Inventing Society with Yuval Noah Harari

How did humans come to create society? On this episode, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Yuval Noah Harari, historian and author of “Sapiens” & “Unstoppable Us,” discuss our species’ ability to cooperate, the role of artificial intelligence, and more. NOTE: StarTalk+ Patrons can listen to this entire episode commercial-free her

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Sean Illing & Yuval Noah Harari 03 Nov 2022 • EN

Yuval Noah Harari thinks humans are unstoppable

Sean Illing talks with Yuval Noah Harari, historian and bestselling author, about how humanity came to be the dominant species on earth, and what our future might hold. Sean and Yuval discuss mankind's imaginative "superpower," the threats to democracy across the globe, the future of artificial intelligence — and plent

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