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MAX BORDERS | Will a New Revolution Cure What Ails Us?

19 Sep 2023 • 58 min • EN
58 min
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All of us agree that the currently political system isn’t working, regardless of where we sit on the political divide. With the federal government consolidating and amassing power, it’s increasingly difficult to see how they’re serving the people instead of the beast it’s become. But what is the answer? Is there a solution that moves us closer to what America’s founding fathers had envisioned nearly 250 years ago. My guest today, Max Borders, joins us to talk about the concepts in his newest book, Underthrow: How Jefferson’s Dangerous Ideas Will Spark a New Revolution. We talk about what it truly means to be free, the idea of a “national divorce,” where socialized services work and where they go too far, the power of decentralization, how innovation is act of subversion, and the difference between and overthrow and an underthrow to change the world.   SHOW HIGHLIGHTS:   Community governance Constitution of Consent Downsides to dissolution of the United States A “national divorce” done wrong Why would a new constitution be any different Overthrow is violent, “underthrow” is peaceful Understanding the origin of rights The current system no longer serves us Subversive innovation   Battle Planners are back in stock. Pick yours up today!   Get your signed copy of Ryan's new book, The Masculinity Manifesto   Want maximum health, wealth, relationships, and abundance in your life? Sign up for our free course, 30 Days to Battle Ready ⠀ Download the NEW Order of Man Twelve-Week Battle Planner App and maximize your week.

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