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Shane Parrish & Kenneth Stanley 04 Oct 2022 • EN

#148 Kenneth Stanley: Set The Right Objectives

Artificial intelligence researcher and author Kenneth Stanley has argued that “as soon as you create an objective, you ruin your ability to reach it.” So what should you consider when thinking about your objectives, and what will set you up for success? On this episode Stanley discusses how to set the right objectives

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Jon Krohn & Kenneth Stanley 20 Sep 2022 • EN

611: Open-Ended A.I.: Practical Applications for Humans and Machines

Dr. Ken Stanley, a world-leading expert on Open-Ended AI and author of the genre-bending book "Why Greatness Cannot be Planned," joins Jon Krohn for a discussion that has the potential to shift your entire view on life. Tune in now to learn more about the complex topics of genetic ML algorithms, the Objective Paradox,

90 min
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Patrick O’Shaughnessy & Kenneth Stanley 28 Jun 2022 • EN

Kenneth Stanley - Greatness Without Goals

My guest today is Ken Stanley. Ken is a Professor in Computer Science and a pioneer in the field of neuroevolution. He is also the co-author of a book called, Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned, which details a provocative idea that setting big, audacious goals can reduce the odds of achieving something great. We discuss

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Keith Duggar + Tim Scarfe + Yannic Kilcher & Kenneth Stanley 20 Jan 2021 • EN

#038 - Professor Kenneth Stanley - Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned

Professor Kenneth Stanley is currently a research science manager at OpenAI in San Fransisco. We've Been dreaming about getting Kenneth on the show since the very begininning of Machine Learning Street Talk. Some of you might recall that our first ever show was on the enhanced POET paper, of course Kenneth had his hand

166 min
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Paul Middlebrooks & Kenneth Stanley 12 Oct 2020 • EN

BI 086 Ken Stanley: Open-Endedness

Ken and I discuss open-endedness, the pursuit of ambitious goals by seeking novelty and interesting products instead of advancing directly toward defined objectives. We talk about evolution as a prime example of an open-ended system that has produced astounding organisms, Ken relates how open-endedness could help advan

95 min
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Kenneth Stanley is a researcher at OpenAI, where he leads the team on Open-endedness. Previously he was a Professor Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, cofounder of Geometric Intelligence, and head of Core AI research at Uber AI labs. His PhD thesis is titled "Efficient Evolution of Neural Networks t

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