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Tim Scarfe + Keith Duggar & David Chalmers 19 Dec 2022 • EN

(Music Removed) #90 - Prof. DAVID CHALMERS - Consciousness in LLMs [Special Edition]

Support us! (On the main version we released; the music was a tiny bit too loud in places, and some pieces had percussion which was a bit distracting -- here is a version with all music removed so you have the option! ) David Chalmers is a professor of philosophy and neural science at New Y

53 min
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Keith Duggar + Tim Scarfe + Yannic Kilcher & Joscha Bach 27 Nov 2022 • EN

#82 - Dr. JOSCHA BACH - Digital Physics, DL and Consciousness [UNPLUGGED]

AI Helps Ukraine - Charity Conference A charity conference on AI to raise funds for medical and humanitarian aid for Ukraine YT version: Support us!  Dr. Joscha Bach (born 1973 in Weimar, Germany) is a German artificial intelligence re

75 min
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Keith Duggar + Tim Scarfe + Yannic Kilcher & Noam Chomsky 08 Jul 2022 • EN

MLST #78 - Prof. NOAM CHOMSKY (Special Edition)

Patreon: Discord: In this special edition episode, we have a conversation with Prof. Noam Chomsky, the father of modern linguistics and the most important intellectual of the 20th century.  With a career spanning the better part of a century, we took the chance

217 min
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Keith Duggar + Tim Scarfe + Yannic Kilcher & Letitia Parcalabescu 19 Mar 2022 • EN

#70 - LETITIA PARCALABESCU - Symbolics, Linguistics [UNPLUGGED]

Today we are having a discussion with Letitia Parcalabescu from the AI Coffee Break youtube channel! We discuss linguistics, symbolic AI and our respective Youtube channels. Make sure you subscribe to her channel! In the first 15 minutes Tim dissects the recent article from Gary Marcus "Deep learning has hit a wall". 

78 min
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Keith Duggar + Tim Scarfe + Yannic Kilcher & Pedro Domingos 26 Feb 2022 • EN

#65 Prof. PEDRO DOMINGOS [Unplugged]

Note: there are no politics discussed in this show and please do not interpret this show as any kind of a political statement from us.  We have decided not to discuss politics on MLST anymore due to its divisive nature.  Patreon: Discord: [00:00:00] Intro [00:0

88 min
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Keith Duggar + Tim Scarfe + Yannic Kilcher & Yann LeCun + Randall Balestriero 04 Jan 2022 • EN

061: Interpolation, Extrapolation and Linearisation (Prof. Yann LeCun, Dr. Randall Balestriero)

We are now sponsored by Weights and Biases! Please visit our sponsor link: Patreon: Yann LeCun thinks that it's specious to say neural network models are interpolating because in high dimensions, everything is extrapolation. Recently Dr. Randall Balestriero, Dr. Jerome

199 min
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