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Sam Harris & Stuart Russell + Gary Marcus 07 Mar 2023 • EN

#312 — The Trouble with AI

Sam Harris speaks with Stuart Russell and Gary Marcus about recent developments in artificial intelligence and the long-term risks of producing artificial general intelligence (AGI). They discuss the limitations of Deep Learning, the surprising power of narrow AI, ChatGPT, a possible misinformation apocalypse, the prob

86 min
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Scott Galloway & Gary Marcus 19 Jan 2023 • EN

The AI Hype Cycle — with Gary Marcus

Gary Marcus, a professor emeritus of psychology and neural science at NYU and the author of “Rebooting AI,” joins Scott to discuss artificial intelligence including the overall hype cycle, ChatGPT, and useful applications. Follow Gary on Twitter, @GaryMarcus. Scott opens with his thoughts on CEO pay, specifically Tim C

45 min
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In this all-encompassing conversation, we cover many topics within evolutionary psychology, language acquisition, cognitive studies, and artificial intelligence. Gary's website: _______________________________________ If you appreciate my work and would like to support it:

62 min
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Alex Roy + Edward Niedermeyer & Gary Marcus 22 Jun 2022 • EN

#254: Gary Marcus

With the internet abuzz over the firing of a Google engineer who came to believe that a company chatbot is sentient, AI expert and deep learning skeptic Gary Marcus joins Alex and Ed to discuss the state of artificial intelligence. From LaMDA's alleged sentience and the problems with the Turing Test to Gary's proposed

54 min
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Sean Carroll & Gary Marcus 14 Feb 2022 • EN

Gary Marcus on Artificial Intelligence and Common Sense

Artificial intelligence is everywhere around us. Deep-learning algorithms are used to classify images, suggest songs to us, and even to drive cars. But the quest to build truly “human” artificial intelligence is still coming up short. Gary Marcus argues that this is not an accident: the features that make neural networ

84 min
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In this episode of the Artificial Intelligence & Equality Initiative podcast, Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen sits down with Gary Marcus, a cognitive scientist, author, and entrepreneur, to discuss the need for an open and healthy scientific discourse on AI. What we can learn from particle physics and CERN to create an in

78 min
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