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Curt Jaimungal & Donald Hoffman + Philip Goff 19 Dec 2023 • EN

Reality, God, Consciousness | Donald Hoffman Λ Philip Goff

Donald Hoffman, cognitive scientist, and Philip Goff, philosopher, discuss consciousness, evolution, perception, and panpsychism. Insights into the nature of reality. YouTube Link:   TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 - Intro 02:46 - Goff’s World View 11:39 - Do Neurons Exist? 28:30 - What Is

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🥰 Support TED and join the community on Patreon Cognitive scientist and author of The Case Against Reality, Dr. Donald Hoffman returns to the mind meld! *Video version here* * Support our sponsor, Qualia Mind! - Try the best brain fuel on earth. Use code THIRDEYEDROPS to save an extra 15% at checkout at

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Donald Hoffman 23 Oct 2023 • EN

How Real Is Reality: Professor Donald Hoffman

Just how accurate is the reality we experience through our sense perceptions? That's a big question - and we're about to explain why it is important. We tend to be convinced that that world we experience through our senses is the world as it really is. We also believe we are billions of separate beings - which fosters

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Jordan Peterson & Donald Hoffman 12 Oct 2023 • EN

387. What You See and Feel is Not Reality | Dr. Donald Hoffman

Dr. Jordan B Peterson and cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Donald Hoffman discuss what we know as reality, why space time is now being considered a “doomed” framework, and how consciousness can be understood as a vast probability space within which we orient ourselves.   Hoffman received a Bachelor of Arts degree in quanti

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Brian Keating & Donald Hoffman 04 Oct 2023 • EN

Donald Hoffman Has Proof That Reality is an ILLUSION!

Is reality real, or are we actually just living in a simulation? How did Galileo influence modern thinking about reality? And are there any drug experiences that you simply can't come back from?  Here today to discuss this with me is renowned philosopher, famous TED talk speaker, cognitive scientist, and deep thinker D

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Keith Frankish + Philip Goff & Donald Hoffman 25 Jul 2023 • EN

Donald Hoffman: What is Reality?

Donald Hoffman is a cognitive scientist at UC Irvine and author of 'The Case Against Reality.' He believes that the world we experience is an illusion, whilst ultimate reality is composed of networks of conscious agents. Keith and Philip probe Professor Hoffman's view from their very different perspectives on the natur

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