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Michael Shermer & Sean Carroll 18 May 2024 • EN

Sean Carroll Explains Quantum Field Theory

Sean Carroll is creating a profoundly new approach to sharing physics with a broad audience, one that goes beyond analogies to show how physicists really think. He cuts to the bare mathematical essence of our most profound theories, explaining every step in a uniquely accessible way. Quantum field theory is how modern

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James Altucher & Sean Carroll 16 May 2024 • EN

Quantum Quandaries and Cosmic Contemplations with Sean Carroll

A Note from James: This may be the smartest guy in terms of raw intelligence that I've ever had on the podcast. Sean Carroll is a great physicist and a great writer of physics. He attempts to explain quantum mechanics and the difference between quantum mechanics and classical physics. I make some analogies about how th

57 min
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Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist, author, and host of Mindscape podcast. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: - HiddenLayer: - Cloaked: and use code LexPod to get 25% off - Notion: - Shopify: t

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Sean Carroll & Ricard Solé 01 Jan 2024 • EN

Ricard Solé on the Space of Cognitions

Octopuses, artificial intelligence, and advanced alien civilizations: for many reasons, it's interesting to contemplate ways of thinking other than whatever it is we humans do. How should we think about the space of all possible cognitions? One aspect is simply the physics of the underlying substrate, the physical stuf

70 min
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Sean Carroll & David Deutsch 16 Oct 2023 • EN

David Deutsch on Science, Complexity, and Explanation

David Deutsch is one of the most creative scientific thinkers working today, who has as a goal to understand and explain the natural world as best we can. He was a pioneer in quantum computing, and has long been an advocate of the Everett interpretation of quantum theory. He is also the inventor of constructor theory,

102 min
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Sean Carroll & Hannah Ritchie 02 Oct 2023 • EN

Hannah Ritchie on Keeping Hope for the Planet Alive

Our planet and its environment are in bad shape, in all sorts of ways. Those of us who want to improve the situation face a dilemma. On the one hand, we have to be forceful and clear-headed about how the bad the situation actually is. On the other, we don't want to give the impression that things are so bad that it's h

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