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Ricardo Lopes & Ann Druyan 17 Sep 2020 • EN

#366 Ann Druyan - Cosmos: Possible Worlds

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62 min
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Brian Keating & Ann Druyan 15 Jul 2020 • EN

The Many Worlds of Ann Druyan: Matriarch of the Cosmos (#055)

   Ann Druyan has brought the universe to millions around the world. The wife of the late Carl Sagan, Ann is a renowned science communicator and producer/writer and co-creator of the upcoming series Cosmos: Possible Worlds. She is the author of the companion book of the same name.  She is an Emmy and Peabody award-winn

77 min
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Michael Shermer & Ann Druyan 21 Apr 2020 • EN

112. Ann Druyan — Cosmos: Possible Worlds

In this sequel to Carl Sagan’s beloved classic and the companion to the hit television series hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, the primary author of all the scripts for both this season and the previous season of Cosmos, Ann Druyan explores how science and civilization grew up together. From the emergence of life at deep

92 min
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Cara Santa Maria & Ann Druyan 24 Mar 2020 • EN

Cosmos: Possible Worlds w/ Ann Druyan

In this very special episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara celebrates her 300th episode with award-winning science communicator Ann Druyan. They talk about her life and work with her late husband Carl Sagan as well as her role as the creator, writer, and director of Cosmos: Possible Worlds (the new book and television series). F

65 min
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Mat Kaplan & Ann Druyan 11 Mar 2020 • EN

The Return of Cosmos and Ann Druyan

Cosmos: Possible Worlds is the third season of the beautiful, groundbreaking television series helmed by the late Carl Sagan’s widow and partner, Ann Druyan. Ann returns to tell us about the show and her new companion book of the same name. You might win a hardcover copy in this week’s What’s Up space trivia contest. T

47 min
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Ann Druyan is the writer, producer, director, and one of the most important and impactful communicators of science in our time. She co-wrote the 1980 science documentary series Cosmos hosted by Carl Sagan, whom she married in 1981, and her love for whom, with the help of NASA, was recorded as brain waves on a golden re

69 min
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