Ann Druyan – Leighann Lord

Ann Druyan is an author, a film director, and a multimedia producer. Leighann Lord is a comedian, an interview host, and an actor. We found 3 podcast interviews connecting Ann Druyan and Leighann Lord.

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Episodes with Ann Druyan & Leighann Lord

Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Ann Druyan 07 Apr 2014 • EN

Ann Druyan: Telling the Story of the Cosmos

This week, Point of Inquiry is delighted to welcome Ann Druyan, co-writer and co-creator of both the original Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, starring her late husband Carl Sagan, as well as the new series, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, starring Neil deGrasse Tyson. In a wide-ranging discussion, Druyan talks to Josh Zepps ab

32 min
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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Ann Druyan 06 Jan 2007 • EN

Ann Druyan - Carl Sagan and The Varieties of Scientific Experience

Ann Druyan is an author, public lecturer, and TV and movie writer and producer whose work focuses on the worldview of science. She is the widow of Carl Sagan, the great astronomer and public advocate of science and reason. With him, she co-wrote the Emmy Award Winning and the Peabody Award Winning television series Cos

45 min
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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Ann Druyan 15 Sep 2006 • EN

Ann Druyan - Science, Wonder, and Spirituality

Ann Druyan is a renowned author, lecturer, and television and motion picture writer/producer whose work mostly explores the implications of science and technology for our society. She is the widow of the great Carl Sagan with whom she was a co-writer of the Emmy and Peabody Award winning television series Cosmos. She s

104 min
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