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John Poveromo & Leighann Lord 01 Feb 2023 • EN

Day 208 -Grabbing Joy Where You Can Find It with Leighann Lord

Leighann Lord is one of the funniest comedians working today, and someone I’ve admired as a comic and a friend since we met when I was only a few years into my career in comedy.   We cover our mutual nerdiness for all things sci-fi and tech, comedy hell gigs, covering her humble beginning as a standup, her influences,

55 min
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John Poveromo & Matt Nappo 24 Apr 2022 • EN

Day 158 - Matt Nappo

Aside from being a fantastic podcast host Matt Napo has lead a wildly interesting life. He goes into it in full detail for us here as we discuss his childhood, a raid at the Disney magic shop he worked in, his Jack of all trades lifestyle that lead him into a life as a musician and eventually as the host of MindDog Tv!

71 min
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John Poveromo & Wil Wheaton 21 Apr 2022 • EN

Day 157 - Wil Wheaton - Nerd Riot!

Wil Wheaton is one of the most genuine human beings I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with. Incredibly thoughtful, funny, introspective and kind we take a deep dive into his life as a childhood actor, what lead him to his new book, “Still Just A Geek” two decades after his first book and how he’s evolved as a person in

95 min
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John Poveromo & Bruce Vilanch 19 Apr 2022 • EN

Day 155 - Bruce Vilanch

Nine times out of ten if there’s someone you love who is funny, Bruce Vilanch made them funnier. Bruce is a two time Emmy winning comedy writer, songwriter, and actor with a four-year stint on Hollywood Squares, as a celebrity participant and head writer. Vilanch wrote for the Academy Awards from 1989 to 2014 becoming

79 min
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John Poveromo & Stewart Copeland 16 Apr 2022 • EN

Day 154 - Stewart Copeland - Remember Love!

Stewart Copeland is a talk show/podcast host’s dream. Especially when that host is newly recovering from Omicron. A natural story teller with a boundless engaging and joyful energy left me only wanting more time to talk to the legendary drummer and now 5 time Grammy winner after taking home Best New Age Album for Divin

65 min
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John Poveromo & Paul Provenza 11 Apr 2022 • EN

Day 152 - Paul Provenza

I could honesty talk about comedy with Paul Provenza forever. He’s not just a student of it he’s an architect of the craft itself, and the appreciation of it as well as having an eye for it in the comedians he surrounds himself with and the ones that are drawn to him. There’s so much thought and nuance and love that go

104 min
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