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Tom Papa & Barbara Corcoran 09 Apr 2024 • EN

Episode 202 - Barbara Corcoran

Tom Papa talks with Barbara Corcoran about her extraordinary journey from a humble beginning to becoming a real estate mogul. They delve into Barbara's early life challenges, her transition into the real estate industry with just a $1,000 loan, and how she navigated her way through the ups and downs to build a successf

79 min
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Tom Papa & Kyle Kinane 23 Jan 2024 • EN

Episode 191 - Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane On Leaving LA for the Oregon Woods and His Recent Return.   Today’s guest is Kyle Kinane, who has a brand new special coming out soon called "Dirt Nap." But first, Tom recounts to Kira his recent travel experiences with Joey and Paul Morrissey, including the challenges of navigating bad weather and flight c

89 min
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Tom Papa & Mike Finoia 14 Nov 2023 • EN

Episode 181 - Mike Finoia

Hide your butts. Mike Finoia is here and he has a new special! Watch it here: (13) Mike Finoia | Don't Let Me Down (Full Comedy Special) - YouTube   Thank you to our sponsor TodayTix! The best value on tickets to Broadway and beyond. Take $20 off your first purchase at and use the code 'PA

80 min
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Jen Hatmaker & Tom Papa 27 Sep 2023 • EN

For the Love of Funny: Tom Papa Takes His Comedy Personally

We’re knee-deep in our “For the Love of Funny” series, celebrating all things hilarious and witty. Jen’s been a long-time fan and amateur participant in the world of comedy, and our guest today explores one of her tip-top favorite genres of comedy. He's a master of observational humor, turning even the most mundane mom

52 min
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Tom Papa & Gary Gulman 26 Sep 2023 • EN

Episode 174 - Gary Gulman

Gary Gulman has always been a great comedian and now he's written a great book - Misfit, Growing Up Awkward in the 80s - that he shares with us.    Thank you to our sponsor Green Chef! Green Chef is your one stop shop for nutritious, grab&go breakfasts, lunch kits and more. Go to and us

88 min
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Ed Mylett & Tom Papa 05 Sep 2023 • EN

How To Laugh More w/ Tom Papa

🔥 WARNING: This episode might cause EXCESSIVE happiness🔥 Ever felt the world is just too SERIOUS? Meet TOM PAPA, the MASTERMIND who'll change that! Being the KING of COMEDY for three decades, he’s rocked the worlds of film, radio, TV, and even podcasting. But he’s not just another comedian – Tom sees the WORLD like f

58 min
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