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Gilbert Gottfried 07 Apr 2024 • EN

Gilbert Gottfried + Jason 'Mayhem' Miller

#1 ACS #266 (feat. Jason Mayhem Miller) (2010) #2 ACS #443 (feat. Huey Lewis, Jason Mayhem Miller, Jessica Golden and Bryan Bishop) (2010) #3 ACS #1429 (feat. Gilbert Gottfried, Skip Bedell, Alison Bedell, Alison Rosen and Bryan Bishop) (2014) Hosted by Superfan Giovanni Request clips: Subscrib

1 min
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Gilbert Gottfried & Michael McKean 29 Feb 2024 • EN

GGACP Classic: Michael McKean

GGACP celebrates the 40th anniversary of the release of "This Is Spinal Tap"(March 2, 1984) by revisiting this 2016 interview with Emmy-nominated actor-writer and Oscar-nominated musician Michael McKean. In this episode, Michael looks back on his days in the sketch troupe The Credibility Gap, recalls his brief stint at

78 min
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Gilbert Gottfried + Frank Santopadre & Dana Gould 28 Aug 2023 • EN

Dana Gould Part 2 Encore

GGACP celebrates the August birthday of comedian, actor and Emmy-winning comedy writer Dana Gould with this ENCORE of the second installment of a 2-part interview from 2021. In this episode, Dana joins the boys for a highly entertaining conversation about hammy actors, '70s cinema fashion, Famous Monsters of Filmland,

60 min
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Gilbert Gottfried + Frank Santopadre & Jeff Altman 14 Aug 2023 • EN

Jeff Altman Encore

GGACP celebrates the birthday (August 13) of comedian, actor and magician Jeff Altman with this ENCORE of a warm and funny conversation from 2021. In this episode, Jeff talks about his family connection to Houdini, his decades-long friendships with Buddy Rich and David Letterman, the early days of the Magic Castle and

106 min
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Frank Santopadre + Gilbert Gottfried & David Mandel 08 May 2023 • EN

David Mandel Encore

GGACP pledges its support for film and TV writers with this ENCORE of a 2021 interview with Emmy-winning writer-director David Mandel. In this episode, David joins Gilbert and Frank for a revealing conversation about the origin of classic "Seinfeld" gags (man-hands, "Bizarro" Jerry), the inner workings of "Curb Your En

111 min
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Frank Santopadre + Gilbert Gottfried & Neil deGrasse Tyson 20 Apr 2023 • EN

GGACP Classic: Neil deGrasse Tyson

GGACP celebrates Earth Day (April 22) by revisiting this 2020 interview with astrophysicist, "Cosmos" host and "Twilight Zone" superfan Neil deGrasse Tyson. In this episode, Neil schools Gilbert and Frank on the subjects of time travel, zombie uprisings, the "logic" of werewolf movies and the plausibility of "Jurassic

98 min
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