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Timothy Caulfield (@CaulfieldTim) is Professor of health law & science policy, speaker, TV host & author. He joins Seth Andrews for a compelling and fun conversation about information and misinformation in the media age. VIDEO of this conversation: https://youtu.be/QkocEE3cans Become a supporter of this podcast: https:

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Leighann Lord + Jim Underdown & Timothy Caulfield 24 Mar 2022 • EN

Timothy Caulfield on the Infodemic and Spread of Misinformation

This week's episode is a bit different. Please enjoy a talk from Timothy Caulfield that originally aired on Skeptical Inquirer Presents. SIP is a live online series of talks from some of the brightest minds in the reality based community and is just one of the many great shows that the Center for Inquiry produces. This

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15:45 | Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, best-selling author, and Netflix show host Timothy Caulfield explains ways to vaccinate against misinformation during the pandemic. 1:05:54 | University of British Columbia professor and clinical psychologist Dr. Steven Taylor on the emerging Pandemic Stress Syndr

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Jen Novakovich & Timothy Caulfield 02 Feb 2021 • EN

Interview with Tim Caulfield about fear and misinformation

This episode featured an interview with world renowned science communicator and Canadian treasure - Timothy Caulfield, about fear and misinformation.  How does fear and fear marketing encourage conspiratorial thinking? With all the noise out there, how can we find credible information sources? Does debunking really wor

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Leighann Lord + Jim Underdown & Timothy Caulfield + Adam Conover 10 Jan 2019 • EN

Adam Conover and Tim Caulified on The Algorithm, Gwyneth Paltrow, Netflix and more

Adam Conover is the creator and host of Adam Ruins Everything, an informational comedy show that debunks common misconceptions and encourages critical thinking. The New York Times calls it “one of history’s most entertaining shows dedicated to the art of debunking” and refers to Adam as a “genial provocateur”. He is a

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Mike Pesca & Timothy Caulfield 24 Jun 2015 • EN

Why Humankind Needs Kardashians

Is there a relationship between celebrity worship and a lack of social mobility? Today on The Gist, we explore the allure of celebrity with professor Timothy Caulfield. He’s the author of Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?: How the Famous Sell Us Elixirs of Health, Beauty & Happiness. Plus, Bobby Jindal makes a

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