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Jen Novakovich & Raven Baxter 02 Dec 2021 • EN

Why Science Communication? With Dr Raven (The Science Maven) Baxter

This episode featured an interview with Dr Raven (The Science Maven) Baxter, one of my favorite scicommers on the internet today, about Science Communication - what is it, challenges, why it's important, how to get into it, and lots more. Enjoy! Interested in supporting the show? Find us on Patreon at

34 min
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Jen Novakovich & Timothy Caulfield 02 Feb 2021 • EN

Interview with Tim Caulfield about fear and misinformation

This episode featured an interview with world renowned science communicator and Canadian treasure - Timothy Caulfield, about fear and misinformation.  How does fear and fear marketing encourage conspiratorial thinking? With all the noise out there, how can we find credible information sources? Does debunking really wor

40 min
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In this episode, I spoke with Benjamin Schwartz from AAK about oil chemistry for cosmetics. Oils are such an important component of cosmetic product formulations, with so many intricacies with respect to best usage. Which fat will be best for your formula and why? How can we use fat chemistry to predict stability? What

59 min
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Jen Novakovich & Cara Santa Maria 26 Feb 2019 • EN

Interview with Cara Santa Maria about Science Communication

In this episode, I had the chance to speak with Cara Santa Maria, who has been my personal science communication idol. I started listening to her podcast, Talk Nerdy To Me, straight out of university, which was honestly my inspiration for pursuing a career in science communication… not something that’s generally presen

60 min
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