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Jordan Harbinger & Maria Konnikova 22 Sep 2022 • EN

728: Maria Konnikova | The Confidence Game

Maria Konnikova (@mkonnikova) shows us how we can defend ourselves against would-be con artists and use the same principles for more benign purposes in her book The Confidence Game. [Note: This is a previously broadcast episode from the vault that we felt deserved a fresh pass through your earholes!] What We Discuss wi

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Scott Miller & Maria Konnikova 08 Jun 2021 • EN

Episode #158 Maria Konnikova

Pay Attention | Join Ph.D. and bestselling author of The Biggest Bluff, Maria Konnikova, and she dives into the thinking world of poker and connects the skills of understanding variables, applying data, and paying attention to the thinking world of business. Subscribe to the FranklinCovey On Leadership email newsletter

36 min
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Casey Weade & Maria Konnikova 01 Mar 2021 • EN

The Psychology of Making Financial Decisions with Maria Konnikova

Maria Konnikova has spent much of her life writing about psychology and how it applies to real life situations. With a B.A. in psychology and creative writing from Harvard and a Ph.D. in psychology from Columbia University, her work has been published in the New York Times, The New Yorker, Slate, and the Paris Review,

66 min
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Maria Konnikova & Caitlin Doughty 04 Feb 2021 • EN

450. How to Be Better at Death

Caitlin Doughty is a mortician who would like to put herself out of business. Our corporate funeral industry, she argues, has made us forget how to offer our loved ones an authentic sendoff. Doughty is the author of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons From the Crematory. In this installment of the Freakonomics R

57 min
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Mike Pesca & Maria Konnikova 19 Dec 2020 • EN

The Shrinking Majority

On the Gist, the shrinking list of Democrats in Congress. And, today in Remembrances of Things Trump: Trump trying to surprise the parents of British teenager Harry Dunn with their son’s killer. In the interview, the Gist’s favorite guest, Maria Konnikova, is back for another round of “Is That Bullshit?” She and Mike t

33 min
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Alan Alda & Maria Konnikova 24 Nov 2020 • EN

What poker can teach us about life

In exploring the role that chance plays in our lives – and how to understand and control it – psychologist and author Maria Konnikova set out to learn how to play poker, a game she knew nothing about. She succeeded so well that she won hundreds of thousands of dollars on the professional poker circuit. Support the show

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