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Brian Lehrer & Stephen J. Dubner 30 Oct 2023 • EN

Freakonomics on Failure

Stephen Dubner, host of "Freakonomics Radio" and the co-author of the Freakonomics books talks about what he's learned about failure, including how it is related to success. Freakonomics on Failure

16 min
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Stephen J. Dubner & Yuval Noah Harari 29 Dec 2022 • EN

528. Yuval Noah Harari Thinks Life is Meaningless and Amazing

In this special episode of People I (Mostly) Admire, Steve Levitt talks to the best-selling author of Sapiens and Homo Deus about finding the profound in the obvious.

51 min
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Stephen J. Dubner & Roland Fryer 01 Sep 2022 • EN

514. Roland Fryer Refuses to Lie to Black America

The controversial Harvard economist, recently back from a suspension, “broke a lot of glass early in my career,” he says. His research on school incentives and police brutality won him acclaim — but also enemies. Now he’s taking a hard look at corporate diversity programs. The common thread in his work? “I refuse to no

59 min
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Anna Faris & Stephen J. Dubner 10 Aug 2022 • EN

Stephen Dubner

Author, journalist, and podcast host Stephen Dubner talks with Anna about the lead up to his book Freakonomics, his new-ish podcast No Stupid Questions, meteorology, cryptocurrency, tastebuds, positive psychology, predicting the future, what America gets right, what is love, and a lot more. In today’s Unqualified segme

70 min
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Stephen J. Dubner & Kevin Kelly 16 Jun 2022 • EN

507. 103 Pieces of Advice That May or May Not Work

Kevin Kelly calls himself “the most optimistic person in the world.” And he has a lot to say about parenting, travel, A.I., being luckier — and why we should spend way more time on YouTube.

40 min
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Stephen J. Dubner & Alexandra Horowitz 26 May 2022 • EN

504. Introducing “Off Leash”

In this new podcast from the Freakonomics Radio Network, dog-cognition expert and bestselling author Alexandra Horowitz (Inside of a Dog) takes us inside the scruffy, curious, joyful world of dogs. This is the first episode of Off Leash; you can find more episodes in your podcast app now. 

38 min
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