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The British #geneticist Dr. Adam Rutherford writes on and researches evolution, religion, and the nature of racism. He is mostly known for his elaborately-titled pop-science books such as “Creation: The Origin of Life / The Future of Life” and “How to Argue with a Racist: History, Science, Race and Reality.” In 2009, Rutherford was tapped, among a very select group of 42 celebs – presumably all atheist – to contribute a chapter to “The Atheist's Guide to Christmas.” The contributor headcount was set at 42 to honor the late Douglas Adams (a fellow atheist) and included David Baddiel and Richard Dawkins. In addition to book writing, Rutherford has plied a few other trades over the years. As an audio/video editor for Nature he was, for over a decade, responsible for the magazine’s multimedia content. He also conducted high-profile interviews – including with the actor Paul Betteny and biologist Sir David Attenborough, among others. In 2013, Rutherford left Nature for the BBC, where he has since hosted several shows. Adam is generous with his knowledge: he often acts as a science consultant to screenwriters, making sure their scripts are airtight, science-wise. Examples of such collaborations include the films “World War Z,” “Kingsman,” and “Ex Machina.” Listen to Dr. Rutherford’s interviews covering topics ranging from race and biology to books and follow him on Padverb

Adam Rutherford's Interviews

Suzannah Lipscomb & Adam Rutherford 11 Sep 2023 • EN

Hapsburg Inbreeding with Dr. Adam Rutherford

One of Early Modern Europe’s most powerful families, the Hapsburgs shared a physical trait so distinctive that it came to be regarded as a badge of honour - the large, jutting jaw that was a result of family inbreeding. But that was only part of their physiological challenges. In this episode of Not Just the Tudors, Pr

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Leonard Lopate & Adam Rutherford 24 Mar 2023 • EN

Dr. Adam Rutherford on Control

Control is a book about eugenics, what geneticist Adam Rutherford calls “a defining idea of the twentieth century.” Inspired by Darwin’s ideas about evolution, eugenics arose in Victorian England as a theory for improving the British population, and quickly spread to America, where it was embraced by presidents, funded

52 min
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Adam Rutherford 30 Jan 2023 • EN

Downstream: Science Isn’t Truth w/ Adam Rutherford

One of the most powerful justifications for racism in the 20th century was eugenics. Based on pseudo-scientific certainties cherry-picked from the messy world of genetics and behaviour, belief in eugenics led to some of the most profound horrors humans have ever experienced. So why are so many aspects of race science c

104 min
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Kat Arney & Adam Rutherford 23 Nov 2022 • EN

Living with the Eugenic Past: Adam Rutherford

This podcast is part of a miniseries of interviews with speakers from the 2022 annual conference of the Adelphi Genetics Forum - a learned society that aims to promote research and discussion concerning the scientific understanding of human heredity. Formerly known as the Galton Institute, and before that, the Eugenics

16 min
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Vassili Christodoulou & Adam Rutherford 14 Feb 2022 • EN

Adam Rutherford - The Troubling History of Eugenics

In the Victorian era, in the shadow of Darwin's ideas about evolution, a new full-blooded attempt to impose control over our unruly biology began to grow in the clubs, salons and offices of the powerful. It was enshrined in a political movement that bastardised science, and for sixty years enjoyed bipartisan and huge p

49 min
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