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Kat Arney is a science writer, broadcaster, and public speaker who is known for her work in communicating complex scientific concepts to the general public. She has a PhD in developmental biology from the University of Cambridge and has worked as a science communicator for several organizations, including Cancer Research UK and the Naked Scientists. Arney is the author of several popular science books, including "Herding Hemingway's Cats: Understanding How Our Genes Work" and "How to Code a Human: Exploring the DNA Blueprints That Make Us Who We Are." She has also written for a variety of publications, including The Guardian, The Times, and New Scientist. As a broadcaster, Arney has presented and produced numerous science programs for BBC Radio 4, including "Science Stories" and "Genes and Genius." She has also made appearances on television programs, such as "The One Show" and "Coast." Arney is a regular speaker at science festivals and events, and she is known for her engaging and informative presentations. She is also an advocate for diversity and inclusion in science and has written and spoken about the challenges faced by women and underrepresented groups in the field. (ChatGPT)

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Kat Arney & Kira Dineen 06 Apr 2023 • EN

Chris Hemsworth took a genetic test for Alzheimer's.

We’re discussing Chris Hemsworth’s recent Alzheimer's risk findings and the pros and cons of direct-to-consumer DNA testing with genetic counsellor and host of the podcast DNA Today, Kira Dineen. Full show notes, transcript and references online at GeneticsUnzipped.com  Follow us on Twitter @GeneticsUnzip This episode

37 min
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Kat Arney & Adam Rutherford 23 Nov 2022 • EN

Living with the Eugenic Past: Adam Rutherford

This podcast is part of a miniseries of interviews with speakers from the 2022 annual conference of the Adelphi Genetics Forum - a learned society that aims to promote research and discussion concerning the scientific understanding of human heredity. Formerly known as the Galton Institute, and before that, the Eugenics

16 min
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Neil Denny & Kat Arney 19 Mar 2021 • EN

Little Atoms 678 - Kat Arney's Rebel Cell

Dr Kat Arney talks about how cancer breaks the rules, via naked mole rats, nazi scientists and chimney sweep's scrotums in her new book Rebel Cell. See her website for more details: https://www.rebelcellbook.com/ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

30 min
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Kat Arney & Andrew Steele 28 Jan 2021 • EN

100 not out?

Andrew Steele, author of Ageless, and researcher Raheleh Rahbari talk about the genetic changes that underpin ageing, and how we can use this knowledge to live longer, healthier lives. Full show notes, transcript, music credits and references online at GeneticsUnzipped.com Follow us on Twitter @GeneticsUnzip Genetics U

35 min
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Cara Santa Maria & Kat Arney 18 Jan 2021 • EN

Cancer Evolution w/ Kat Arney

In this episode of Talk Nerdy, Cara is joined by award-winning science writer, broadcaster, and podcaster (Genetics Unzipped), Dr. Kat Arney. They talk about her newest book, "Rebel Cell: Cancer, Evolution, and the New Science of Life's Oldest Betrayal."

71 min
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How many podcasters does it take to evaluate the modern science field? Well, this conversation presents an intriguing attempt by two to do just that. Richard and Dr. Kat Arney touch on everything from the tangle of the publication field to the ecology of the cell. Listen and learn How she approaches the history of gene

36 min
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