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Alison Ann Ward & Katie Mack 12 Sep 2023 • EN

Cosmology (THE UNIVERSE) Part 2 Encore with Katie Mack

Dr. Mack returns with a new introduction and updates on… listener questions! The universe, dimensions, asteroid bags and cosmic vertigo with the amazing Astro Katie, AKA Dr. Katie Mack. Part 1 was a primer on all things cosmological, from particle physics to black holes, so listen to that first then hop to this episode

38 min
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Dan Hooper + Shalma Wegsman & Katie Mack 09 Jan 2023 • EN

59 - The End of Everything (Ft. Katie Mack)

Special guest Katie Mack talks to us about how the universe might end. To support our show and get ad-free episodes and other exclusives, join us for $3 a month on Patreon: https://patreon.com/whythisuniverseSupport the show

40 min
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I want to make you dizzy.   I want to make you look up into the sky and comprehend, maybe for the first time, the darkness that lies beyond the evanescent wisp of the atmosphere, the endless depths of the cosmos, a desolation by degrees   These two lines begin an incredible poem called “Disorientation”... by Katie Mack

76 min
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Ryan Jespersen & Katie Mack 01 Sep 2022 • EN

September 1, 2022 - NASA Artemis: Astrophysicist Dr. Katie Mack

7:15 | NASA is headed back to the Moon for the first time in fifty years. Astrophysicist Dr. Katie Mack explains why the Artemis 1 mission is such a big deal, and what we could learn from returning to the Moon. Make sure you catch this mind-blowing conversation! CHECK OUT KATIE'S BOOK: https://www.astrokatie.com/ 31:59

55 min
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Alan Alda & Katie Mack 19 Jul 2022 • EN

Katie Mack: When Time’s Totally Up

The end of absolutely everything won’t happen for a long, long time. But Katie Mack can describe the different ways the universe might die with clarity and even humor.

42 min
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Daniel Bennett & Katie Mack 13 Jun 2021 • EN

The end of the Universe, with Dr Katie Mack

Theoretical astrophysicist, author and one of Twitter’s most-followed scientists Dr Katie Mack tells us about the Universe's ultimate fate. Once you’ve mastered the basics with Instant Genius, dive deeper with Instant Genius Extra, where you’ll find longer, richer discussions about the most exciting ideas in the world

35 min
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