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Alison Ann Ward & Herman Pontzer 31 Jan 2024 • EN

Evolutionary Anthropology (METABOLISM) with Herman Pontzer

*Content warning up top: This episode discusses sensitive themes like diet culture, caloric intake, the psychological & physical effects of food restriction and includes many listeners’ personal experience with the term “obesity." It may be triggering for those with a history of or sensitivity to disordered eating. We

84 min
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Alison Ann Ward & Katie Mack 12 Sep 2023 • EN

Cosmology (THE UNIVERSE) Part 2 Encore with Katie Mack

Dr. Mack returns with a new introduction and updates on… listener questions! The universe, dimensions, asteroid bags and cosmic vertigo with the amazing Astro Katie, AKA Dr. Katie Mack. Part 1 was a primer on all things cosmological, from particle physics to black holes, so listen to that first then hop to this episode

38 min
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Andy Luttrell & Alison Ann Ward 24 Jul 2023 • EN

SciComm Summer #18: Alie Ward on Making "Ologies"

Alie Ward is a lot of things--an actor, illustrator, TV host. But I was especially interested in talking to her about her undeniably popular science podcast, Ologies. Her show shares interviews with all sorts of scientists. It"s so delightful and engaging, and Alie puts in the work to fill the listener in behind the sc

61 min
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Alison Rosen & Alison Ann Ward 24 Jul 2023 • EN

Alie Ward (encore)

After an update on how I'm doing, we revisit the first time Alie Ward guested on the show in 2017. Original description: Podcaster, artist, TV correspondent and science nerd Alie Ward stops by to talk about her new podcast, Ologies, where she talks to ologists of all stripes including a volcanist who may or may not hav

112 min
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How do our bodies build our bodies? What does a stem cell look like? How do they know what to do? What diseases could stem cells cure? And why is Canada such a hot place for research? Dr. Samantha Yammine – known by many as Science Sam – is a stem cell biologist and science communicator and takes us back to the discove

79 min
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Neil Pasricha & Alison Ann Ward 09 Oct 2022 • EN

Chapter 113: Alie Ward oozes originality over odysseys and ologies

Oh hey.    It’s the person who just dropped their phone on the bus right when the driver hit the gas and now the phone’s sliding across the sandy floor all the way to the back… Neil. Neil Pasricha. And now it is finally time for our much-anticipated 3 Books chapter with the one and only ... Alie Ward.   Alie is the Sac

109 min
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