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Updated: 22 Jul 2024 • 1269 episodes

A twice weekly podcast hosted by award-winning interviewer and everyone's new best friend Alison Rosen. Mondays are one-on-ones featuring surprisingly honest conversations that are equal parts silly, serious and revelatory. Thursdays are roundtable group shows. You will laugh, think, and feel less alone. (Unless you don't feel alone at all in which case, congrats! You've done it!) Support the show on Patreon. Sign up for a year and get two months free.

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22 Jul 2024 • EN

Jillian Gottlieb

Actor Jillian Gottlieb has built a sizable following making videos about skincare and beauty treatments that are both funny and educational, frequently featuring experts-turned-friends whom she turns to for info and debunking. We talk about #Goongate, why she quit opera, why she quit live theater, how she sleeps, her i

83 min
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Wendy Molyneux and Nora Smith are back to discuss artificial sweetener, bathroom breaks at Bob's Burgers, Nora's gigantic bladder, Wendy's decluttering fantasy, my nemesis from a former place of employment and so much more! Get yourself some new ARIYNBF merch here: Subscribe to

55 min
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15 Jul 2024 • EN

Janet Varney (Encore)

After last week's group show with Janet Varney we needed to go back and revisit one of her early appearances (from May 6, 2012) because, as a listener said, her voice is like a warm hug! Original description: Janet Varney, comedian, actor, voice over actor, producer, writer and host of The JV Club podcast stopped by th

92 min
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Janet Varney and Jordan Morris are here and we're taking a look back at... 2012. Plus Murder Mystery Dinners, dogs with gold teeth, menu-based combat, nicknames for middle schools, Janet and Daniel having gone to high school together, tear jerkers, healthcare, being a diploma slut and so much more including Pretty Litt

75 min
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08 Jul 2024 • EN

Greg Proops Returns Again!

Greg Proops (Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Smartest Man In The World) returns to the show after far too long and we have so much catching up to do. We discuss how to properly answer the door, an historic pharmacy in LA, history, politics, a debonair possible Nazi Greg almost had lunch with, Peter Fonda, Peter Fonda's smile

114 min
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Jessica Golden joins us straight from her Greek Island getaway which prompts us to recall some famous movies which may or may not include Greek scenes. We talk more about our upcoming Japan trip and the differences in the way lesbians and straight couples fight. I attempt to talk about my favorite science fiction book

110 min
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