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16 Mar 2023 • EN

KMO Show 003

KMO does not have strong opinions about the Twitter files, but Doug Lain sure does, and he's naming names and calling out cowards on the mainstream left. He thinks that elements of the federal government have colluded with Big Tech to censor and marginalize voices both from the Right and from the Marxist Left.

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01 Mar 2023 • EN

KMO Show 001 – Trialogue

In this inaugural episode of the KMO Show, KMO, Michael Garfield of the Future Fossils podcast and mutual friend, Kevin Wohlmut, discuss the dawning of the epistemological apocalypse. Thanks to AI, we can't really trust our eyes or our ears anymore. Deep faked images and voices can produce "evidence" that people said a

61 min
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27 Feb 2023 • EN

KMO Show: Episode Zero

An introduction to and an explanation for the re-branding. KMO has been podcasting since 2006 under the C-Realm banner. Why mess with an established brand? Listen in and find out. Subscribe to the new podcast here: https://rss.com/podcasts/kmoshow/

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10 Oct 2022 • EN

583: Psyop Defense

KMO welcomes psychotherapist Zac Rhodenizer to the podcast to talk about the ways in which wild-grown and deliberately engineered mind viruses hijack human cognitive capacities for nefarious purposes and ways to recognize and defend against such attacks. Find Zac on Twitter. Zac's book, "Psychological Defence: Protecti

56 min
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KMO & Roger Craig 18 Jul 2022 • EN

582: Convolve & Attend

KMO talks with computer scientist (and Jepordy! champion) Roger Craig about the various approaches to and methods behind contemporary uses of artificial neural networks. It gets pretty crunchy at time for a general audience, but there's fun banter waiting on the far side. Gambate!

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KMO & Josh Slocum 07 Jun 2022 • EN

581: Erratic & Dramatic

KMO talks with Josh Slocum about what it means to live in a Cluster B world. On his show, the Disaffected Podcast, Josh cites example after example of how the political left has succumbed to the rule of narcissists, both grandiose and covert, who have imposed an irrational order upon their faction in which the…

68 min
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